Are you an outgoing introvert who is habitually late?

Well I am! I should change my name to Late-tisha because no matter how hard I try I’m late to “events” at least eight times out of ten. And while I would love to say the reason behind this frequent occurrence is because of traffic or some other annoying little reason, I can’t. The reason why I’m late is because of ME. I was the person who got mad at my friends who were habitually late for dinner reservations, movies or other places we would attend. Now, I’ve become that person! Let me try to explain some of the reasons why my outgoing introverted characteristics are to blame.

For those of you who are unaware of the definition of an outgoing introvert it can be defined in a few ways. For the purposes of this context, it is defined as an introvert who has outgoing behaviors. I know what you’re thinking, this girl is always out and about on IG or FB and that’s not entirely true. I’m really just a selectively social person who would rather be at home watching a movie on my comfortable couch.

But back to my story, as an outgoing introvert sometimes I overthink things. For example, when I’m at home and I’m supposed to be preparing to go out I find everything else to do. For example, load dishes in the dishwasher (yes, I use my dishwasher), vacuum, talk on the phone or watch a marathon of shows on my DVR. I even tried to sneak in a cat nap in the past which was always an epic fail so I had to stop doing that.

When I finally look at the clock I have to pep talk myself into getting ready because I’ve become tired from doing whatever I was doing when I should have been getting ready to leave.  Here’s an example of the pep talk, “Self, your future husband might be at (INSERT EVENT TITLE) so get up and put your best foot forward.”

Now, here comes the most challenging task, what to wear?  This can be THE most difficult decision for females. Whenever I have an “event” to attend,  I ask myself, “Have I had this outfit on in the last few weeks?”or “Are there any pictures on FB or IG of me in this outfit?” (I didn’t have this problem pre-social media)

I also try to give myself a specific time to be at said “event.” This can be a daunting task because I have to take into consideration the weather, traffic, getting lost and find parking. All of these factors make an outgoing introvert such as myself have low energy. And this low energy causes me to be less motivated to leave the house which then makes me LATE!

SO, how do I change this behavior? Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and suggestions with me because I would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Are you an outgoing introvert who is habitually late?

  1. Try leaving lil notes in locations u HAVE to see that'd remind you that this is something u wanna fix. I use to have too leave a note on my alarm clock too stop me from using the snooze button lol


  2. Attempt # 3 to comment – I think you should try to set a time to STOP the BS and start getting ready. So if you know you need to leave by 3 pm and it takes 2 hours of randomness to get you out the door, then your alarm should be set for 1 pm! Can you imagine how late you will be when you have kids? Those little buggers, I mean angels, have absolutely NO regard for the time!


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