Who got next?

In honor of the NBA finals which I’m not watching (because I barely knew what teams were playing in it) I decided to title my newest blog post. However, this will not be about sports but more so about being my role as a Wedding Socialite. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m always invited, attending or celebrating at a wedding. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a friend/soror’s wedding in Nawlins’ aka New Orleans, LA.

It’s also a little unknown fact that, not only do I enjoy a good wedding but I’m in love with LOVE. Some would say I’m a romantic. I love romcoms’, I love happy endings (which are sometimes unrealistic) and I love a good wedding. Sometimes you may even catch me shed a few happy tears when observing these grand gestures of LOVE.

Some of my friends affectionately call me 27 Dresses because of the amount of weddings I’ve been  a part of. I recently tried to count the amount of weddings I’ve attended and was unable to.  And even though I wasn’t able to count the amount of weddings I’ve attended, doesn’t mean they weren’t special.

I appreciate being invited to weddings because I’m grateful to be able to share such a momentous occasion with friends and loved ones. Especially, destination weddings which I can make a vacation out of.  What I don’t really care for though is going to a wedding on a holiday or during a holiday weekend.

From these past weddings, I get ideas for how I envision my own wedding (which will take place hopefully sometime in the near future) since I haven’t been fortunate enough to have my own. And can you imagine that I’ve actually even declined to attend some weddings because I just couldn’t make it. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to attend but for some reason or another I couldn’t. So I hope my friends or family members whose wedding I was unable to attend don’t take it personal because I might give you a better gift if I’m unable to attend due to feeling guilty.

So as the honored wedding socialite that I am, I’m anxiously awaiting my invite to the next wedding. So who got next?

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