Top Five

As I prepare to depart from the DMV area, I’ve been asked a few times about the things I’ll miss most about the area. My response is first and foremost, my family and friends. But then I began to ponder about the places or events, I’ll miss most. So I decided to compile my top five of the DMV area.

#1 Boozy Brunch
I know what you’re thinking, I can have brunch anywhere but I can’t have a boozy brunch just anywhere. In case you’re living under a rock and don’t know what a boozy brunch is let me enlighten you for a moment. So a boozy brunch is a brunch venue that allows you to have bottomless mimosas, bellinis or bloody marys for a certain time period and price. Not every brunch venue offers this deal so be mindful. Over the years, I’ve learned that you get more libations for your buck with this offer. So since not every place supplies this opportunity, I’m going to miss the places in the DMV area that do. 
#2 A Wine festival
As a wine enthusiast, I love an event where you can drink outdoors, listen to good music, hang out with your friends, bring your own food, window shop at the vendors and maybe even take a quick nap. And you can do all of those things at wine festivals. You can also sample a variety of wines yoi wouldn’t nornally purchase. 
Of course, I’m partial to the Reggae or Caribbean Wine festival in Mt. Airy, MD that happens twice a year because of my caribbean heritage. However, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in a trip to a winery or experience a wine festival throughout the year in the DMV area. 
#3 Check out a Cover Band at a Bar/lounge on U Street
U Street is located in NW and is home to all sorts of venues that provide food, drink and entertainment both inside and out on the street. I was never fond off live bands until I moved to MD. Throughout the years, I’ve come to appreciate them more because I’ve heard the most soulful and effortless voices singing. Let’s not forget the talented musicians who accompany the vocalist. These bands are by far made up of people who just down right enjoy their craft and who love to entertain others. 
#4 Day Party
Over the last two to three years, I discovered the best event an extroverted introvert like me appreciates, A Day Party! I’ve had (hands down) more fun at day parties than I have had at night parties. 
It’s nothing like going out during the day to do the same things you would do at night without feeling too tired to go to church on Sunday morning. Yes, I go to church. And whoever came up with the idea is a genius.  The icing on the cake is indulging in a boozy brunch first and then attending a day party so you can be home, in the bed, right on time to watch Power on Starz. Boom, you can’t beat that!
#5 Attend an Event at the Howard Theatre
The Howard Theatre recently reopened a few years ago and the first time I went there was on Election Day when President Obama won his second election. So just imagine what the atmosphere was like. It was electric! And everytime I went thereafter, I always had a good time. Now the food isn’t great, but the place is such an intimate space for concerts, comedy shows, day parties, gospel brunches and now it’s home to the newest location of my church, Reid Temple DC. 
So, if you live in the area or plan to visit the area, take my advice and try one of these events. You’ll thank me later! 
Check out some pics below of me and my woes enjoying ourselves and my top five

Boozy Brunching
Caribbean Wine Festival
Election Day at the Howard Theatre
Enjoying a Band on U Street
Day Party Fun

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