What they don’t tell you…

About moving is it’s really stressful. Intially, I was excited but now not so much. My patience is at an all time low since I’ve been waiting at the Texas DMV for two hours and I still have another 1.5 hours to go. Ok, I didn’t sit here the whole time. I got some lunch at Five Guys and then I stopped in Marshall’s to do some window shopping.

When I got back though, I sat next to a man who was playing a LOUD ass game on his phone. Would I be wrong if I told him to turn his damn music off because no one wants to hear it? If I was in NY, I probably would. However, since I’m sitting in front of these one way windows and I’m sure someone is watching this waiting area, I’ll just put in my headphones instead. I would hate to be put out after sitting here for so long.

Anywho, the process to becoming a Texas resident has been expensive, time consuming, tedious and did I mention expensive? Yesterday, as I was trying to register my car, I found out I had to pay a new Texas resident fee. REALLY? I didn’t have to pay a new MD resident fee when I moved there. Nor did I have to pay a new NY resident fee when I moved back after college. I guess it will all balance out since I don’t have any state taxes coming out of my paycheck. Well, that’s something to be excited about!

Speaking of paychecks, I haven’t started my job yet because I wasn’t able to complete some paperwork in a timely manner. So now I won’t start until July 27. But who’s complaining? I’ve had time to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile and more time to relax and take care of the business of becoming a new Texas resident. I’ll also be able to enjoy having my birthday off and I’ll be able to hang with the Soror’s during National Convention which happens to be taking place in Houston this year.

All in all, this moving process has been challenging but I know I made the right decision. Now, if only I could buy some patience…

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