Aerial Yoga is INTENSE!

I have a new found respect for yoga! Especially Aerial Yoga. I never went to a yoga class before but it looked effortless. I would always say to myself, yoga looks easy. It consists of stretching and meditating, I can do that. Boy, was I ever wrong. I went to an Aerial Yoga class last week with one of my good girlfriends who put me to shame. 
We found a deal on Groupon and the price was very reasonable. When we arrived, I was already intimidated and said to my friend, “This place is real earth, moon and stars.” When we entered the room where the class was to be held and I saw the silks hanging from the ceiling (which we were going to be using), I thought to myself, “Is it too late to turn around and go home?” I told my friend I was nervous and she told me not to worry about it so we sat down to prepare for class. 
The instructor for the class began by giving us a lesson on Full Moons and I said, “Self, this is way too deep for me.” Then she instructed the class to do some deep breathing exercises and sit with our legs crossed (Indian style).  This is where the struggle began. I can’t sit to long in an Indian style position with my legs crossed because I’m not as limber as I thought I was. She also wanted us to incorporate deep breathing at the same time. I wanted to say out loud, “Lady, I can’t concentrate on breathing and sitting Indian style at the same time because I’m not that good at concentrating.”

And when we got on those damn silks, I could not get my tooted and booted behind in it. So I quit! And anyone who knows me knows I’m not a quitter. But this time was an exception. The instructor didn’t even assist me with getting in the silk and she saw me struggling. Her lack of assistance was frustrating. So I sat on the floor and laid on my back and waited for the class to be over. I was too thru and thought I need to see if anyone else wants to use the these other two class passes.

On the way out, my friend said, “I enjoyed it, did you?” I paused and said it was good but I’m not sure if I’m coming back because this was too intense for me. She said well why don’t we go get something to eat and that bought my mood right back to normal. Until she said, let’s go to Muscle Maker Grill (which wasn’t bad at all). All in all, I’m not sure if I’ll be going back but I would encourage you to go if you want to try something different and challenging. Maybe, I’ll try a one on one class for Aerial Yoga instead.

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