Dining out for a purpose!

As a new Houstonian, I’ve been trying to discover different restaurants, happy hours and lounges. And what better way to experience this is by partaking in Houston’s Restaurant Week (HRW)! What’s really great about HRW is, it’s not just a week but instead it spans over a month, from Aug. 1 to Sept. 7, 2015.

For those of you who have been unable to experience the concept of Restaurant week it’s where participating restaurants have a prix fixe menu ranging from $20 for lunch to up to $45 for dinner. The menu allows you to sample that particular restaurants most popular dishes. What I didn’t know was the participating restaurants during HRW give a portion of the profits to the Food Bank based on how many brunches, lunches and dinners they sell. How fantastic is that? You get to eat out, try different dishes and give back to those less fortunate. Eureka!
So of course, I dived in mouth first to see where I could go. The lucky winner was Del Frisco’s Grille. Located in the ever so popular area of Upper Kirby, parking was free and convenient which is rare for Houston. That evening I had the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls, the most succulent Baby back ribs and some average cheesecake. I also had this tasty libation called the VIP (that’s what I really think I am in my head). All in all, it was money well spent. 
Next stop was Grace’s. A friend of mine, Vincent recommended this place. He talked about the pork chops as if they were THE best pork chops he had ever had.  To my dismay, they were not on the HRW menu. Nonetheless, I enjoyed what I ordered which was the Tortilla soup, Oxtail Ravioli and the Godiva Freeze. I was so mesmerized by my meal I forgot to take pictures. But please, take my word for it. This place is worth every penny and the service was good also. 
I had to add on my list of places to go a Steakhouse. So I tried my hand at Morton’s Steakhouse located on Wertheimer Rd right across the street from my favorite mall, The Galleria (actually Dillard’s).  The ambiance was very upscale and modern, however the dimmed lighting was making one of my good girlfriends (Eboni) sleepy, lol.  
There I had a Chopped Spinach Salad as an appetizer. Ok, wait, let’s pause. This chopped spinach salad was so delicious I wanted to go home and recreate it. I know what you’re asking what made it so delicious? Well, if you must know it was the warm bacon dressing. I’m not sure how they made it but it literally made me want to go home and warm up some bacon grease to then drizzle over a salad. Ok, maybe not. 
And the filet mignon (cooked medium) was so flavorful, I should have ordered more ounces. I also had chocolate mousse for dessert. Overall, I gave it five stars. Once again, I forgot to take pictures of my selections but this Chocolate cake that my friends had was EVERYTHING! It was so good they had to pay $5 more for ordering it. To sum it all up, the experience was delightful. 
Just want to give you a few words advice about restaurant week.  Even though the menus are prix fixed be prepared to spend more money if you plan to indulge in adult beverages or add on side items not on the menu. Also, go with an open mind. Try to experience different items you wouldn’t normally get like chicken breast, salmon, chicken and waffles (myself included). Lastly, take a few friends with you who also like to eat out so afterwards you all can go to boot camp and on a food modification program (aka diet) together. 
If you live in an area that has a restaurant week, find out when it is and at least go to a place you’ve never been to. And when you come to the Houston area, try to visit one of these places I’ve recommended and feel free to send me an invite. 

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