Careless Chronicles

Everyone has those blonde ditsy moments when you do something careless and you realize it after the fact. Unfortunately, I seem to have more of those moments than I care to have. Like the time when I took the MTA bus to JFK airport when I should have been at LGA. I thought I was being cost efficient by taking the bus and ended up taking a $30 cab ride in order to make it to the right airport in time to catch my plane. And if you really know me then you know how much it pained me to pay $30.

And then there was the time when I was at the airport sitting one gate next to the one my plane was leaving from. I almost missed my flight because I was scrolling down my FB timeline. I heard my name being announced on the PA system and darted to the gate so fast, you would have thought I was Jackie Joyner Kersee.

Or how about when I bought one ticket to the Beyonce concert last year because none of my good girlfriends wanted to go with me. As the day of the concert approached, I realized I bought a ticket to the concert in Miami. I tried to give it away but no one wanted it. So I was going to book a last minute hotel, flight and car deal in order to make good on my ticket. Instead, one of my more sensible friends talked me into trying to sell it online. Just when I thought I wasted my money, I realized I had some extra money in my bank account  because someone had purchased my ticket.

Well, once again I have another story to add to the careless chronicles. So this past weekend I went to NY for a wedding and I had to drive myself to the airport. A few days earlier, I looked up the prices for  the airport parking lots to try to be prepared. I realized I had to make a reservation however, all of the reservations were booked. So I said to myself, Self, you probably should go to the airport EARLY so you can find somewhere to park your car (since I won’t be able to stuff it in my suitcase, lol).

When I approached the airport, I observed all of the lots were full so I had to park at the terminal. I knew it was going to cost me an arm and leg and to no surprise it was $20 a day. Damn! So I proceeded to put my card in the machine and it got stuck, I immediately wanted to cry because I didn’t know what I was going to do. Long story short, I called for assistance and within fifteen minutes I was parking my car and headed to the airport. What I guess I should mention is, the kind gentleman who retrieved my card told me the arm of the lane was up and when that happens it causes your card to get stuck. I guess I should have been paying attention because it was at that point when I noticed the arm up.

Moral of the story is proper planning and not being habitually late is going to cut back on my blonde ditsy moments. Hope this was helpful and you got some god laughs from it. Feel free to share your careless stories below in the comment section and please look at the face I was making below when I finally parked my car. Until next time!
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