This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Dallas, Texas. As most of you know, Dallas is most famously known for the television series aired back in the late 70′ and 80’s about the oil tycoon, JR Ewing and his backstabbing family. Well, my visit had nothing to do with any of that. I actually went to be a guest at one of my sorority sister’s baby shower. She and her fiancee will be expecting a new little bundle of joy in early November. However, if you know me you know that I did much more than just attend a baby shower during my trip to Dallas.
I also visited the State Fair of Texas which is a major event for the residents of Texas. People all over Texas visit the fair during September and October of every year. There is something for everyone at the fair which include concerts, a car show, fireworks, rides, games and of course FOOD! I don’t know about you but my favorite part was the food. I got to indulge in funnel cake and my new fair favorite a Popsicle made out of wine that was Mimosa Orange flavored. What more can a girl ask for?
Mimosa Orange Popsicle
Later that evening, I had a chance to hang out with three of my LS’s at a lounge called Brickhouse. How appropriate?
Setor and I on the Ferris wheel

Behind bars

Last but not least, we stopped at the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, TX on the way back to Houston. What’s a road trip without making an unexpected stop to learn about the Texas Prison System? It was enlightening and informative. We experienced some artifacts used and discovered in  prison. And, I got a rare chance to experience how it would feel behind bars and needless to say, I didn’t like it. Rest assured, I will be on the straight and narrow and I attempted to drive the speed limit all the way back to Houston.

Prison Rodeo

Prison made Monopoly game

“Old Sparky”

Hope you enjoyed my road trip as much as I did. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments
below about your trip to Dallas or any other place that was fun and exciting. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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