Cold Ass Colorado!

This past weekend I had the privilege to travel to Breckenridge, Colorado. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s about 1.5 hours away from Denver. I know what you’re thinking what in the heck is in Breckenridge? Well, I thought the same thing when one of my good girlfriends’ decided she wanted to take an all girls trip there for her birthday.  So when I asked her, “Why Breckinridge?” She proceeds to tell me she wants to go skiing there for her birthday. So I said to her, “Black people don’t ski!” And boy was I right.

Prior to embarking upon our journey I did what I usually do before I go, check to see what the weather is going to be like. And when I saw that the weather was going to be high 40’s and low teens, I began to have anxiety about the cold weather. One of the many reasons I left the East Coast was because I despise the cold weather. And I don’t care what you say, I didn’t like the cold while I was there so it’s not something I will ever be use to.

When I arrived in Denver and saw that the temperature was in the 20’s, immediately I pulled my coat, hat and gloves out of my suitcase and put them on while briskly walking to the SUV. But that’s not the best part about being in Colorado. The best part about being in Colorado was the beautiful scenery the mountains offered as well. Some side effects of not being accustom to high altitude are headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, feeling nauseous and my all time favorite elevated heart rate. Or maybe that’s a side effect to having a THC lollipop?

Anywho, on our first full day in Breckenridge we had breakfast in the comfort of the beautiful home we rented from VRBO. The house was very quaint and the bathrooms even had heated floors. I could have stayed in the bathroom all weekend and I probably should have because I think the altitude caused me to have flatulence. I know TMI (too much information) but I want you to get the full experience of cold ass colorado. Later that day we went on a walking tour in Breckenridge and I learned a few words to add to my vocabulary.  One  word is soiled dubbed which means prostitute. I know what you’re thinking, out of the whole hour and a half tour the only thing I learned was that. Nope, I learned some other stuff but that was the most important.

Later that day we went to Walmart and a gift from God was sent my way as I was about to leave. One of my friends spotted a can of oxygen for people like me who had trouble breathing in high altitude. I bought that thang so fast, you would have thought they were selling it for a nickel.  When we got home I inhaled that oxygen and just like that i was feeling better. However, I had to constantly have with me for the rest of the trip.

We also had dinner at a restaurant called C.B. & Potts who was having a soft opening which included free meals, beer tastings and passed appetizers. #winning  The only thing we had to pay for was our drinks so you can’t beat that!

The next day we had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready to attend our Ski lesson at Keystone Ski Resort. Secretly, I would have rather stayed at the house on the couch to watch a Law and Order SVU marathon.  But I decided not to be a Debbie Downer and went along with my friends to experience the wonderful slopes of Colorado. When we pulled up in the parking lot of the ski resort there were so many people excitedly preparing themselves to slide down the slopes in the heaviest athletic equipment, I’ve ever experienced. Ok the only athletic equipment I’ve ever experienced. They were listening to Beyonce, Fetty Wap and Adele all while smoking weed at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Overall, our group ski instruction was very funny and helpful up until I fell on my butt and turned over sideways. That was when knew it was time to throw in the towel and take several seats on the sideline in the snow. I was done at that point because I had gave it my best shot and was knocked down.

While the ski lesson was not as bad as I thought it would be I was so tired afterwards. I could have paid someone to carry me and my ski equipment back to the SUV.  Luckily, we found some wagons and was able to pull our belongings back to where we parked. That evening we went to this restaurant which was one block away from where we stayed called Twist.

Let’s just say if you ever find yourself in Breckenridge you must have dinner here. I ordered a blood orange drop similar to a lemon drop and if you eat pork then you must have the Grilled Cider Brine Pork Chop which was Divine! That thang was so good……
I almost forgot to mention our brief visit to the Breckenridge Cannabis Club. What’s a trip to Colorado without going to a cannabis store? We were educated on the types of THC they sold and all of the forms they sell it in. I was very enlightened by the information we learned and tried to convince my friend’s that we needed to get some THC pills but they weren’t having it. So the only thing I left with was this picture, lol. 
All in all, my trip was definitely full of long-lasting memories and laughs which I will cherish forever. If you ever want to go skiing in Colorado, I would definitely recommend staying in Breckenridge just don’t go during opening weekend during ski season because it will be very crowded.  Oh yea, one more memorable event I’d like to share was when I walked into the bedroom door so hard I woke up my roommate. Anyway, until next time, Ciao!

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