Misadventures of Day Parties

Happy New Year everyone! (At what point in the new year is it ok for you to stop saying that?) Anyway, I hope your new year has been off to a good start like mine. I didn’t make any resolutions per se but I do have some 2016 goals. One of them is to be more optimistic about being social. I know what you’re thinking how much more social can this girl get? Well, you’d be surprised. While I like to go out occasionally, I don’t have the most friendly and approachable faces and I don’t like to meet new people.

So instead of going to the movies with my parents last Saturday like I promised them, I went to a day party with two of my good girlfriends. Of course, before I left home the pessimism began to creep in and I said I should be home by 9 pm.

I pushed past the pessimism and began my journey because everyone knows I like a good day party. Day parties don’t allow me to miss out on any good sleep and it allows me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for Church on Sunday morning. So on our way to the day party, I found out it was a birthday party for one of our frat brothers. The venue where the event was being held was called, Revolver Bourbon Street. The event space was very cozy and quaint but the hidden gem was the spacious outdoor area which was perfect for a birthday party. I was a little skeptical though because it was cloudy, drizzling off and on throughout the day and a chilly 50 degrees.

Immediately when we arrived at the birthday party, one of my good girlfriends and I began having a very nonchalant conversation with a frat brother. Let me let you in on a little secret, even though I’m identifying this man as my frat brother I never tell him we’re his Sorority sisters. I personally like to spring that piece information on to people later on in conversations because I believe it’s on a need to know basis. Also, because I’m not actively involved and I don’t want to explain to any and everybody my reasons. So, eventually we make our way outside. When we get out there, the guests in attendance were line dancing. Line dancing? How old is this dude? I digress.

We make our way around the venue, met the birthday guy and find us a good spot to take in the scenery (men).  One guy approaches my friend and asks to buy her a drink, so I’m thinking, “We’re off to a good start!” Come to find out he’s married. Married men are off limits!

So then and older frat brother approaches us and asks us to take a picture with him. Excuse me? So I began to ask him what his intent was for these pictures and how much he was going to pay us to snap a picture with us? He proceeded to answer a call and walk away. Good!

Just when I thought we were in the clear he walks back toward us so we walk away and go to the bar hoping he would get a clue. Well he didn’t. He saw us a few minutes later and was still trying to get us to take a picture with him. He settled with asking me to take a picture of him with all of his frat brothers at the party. And as it began to rain we proceeded to make like a baby and head out! ( I know that’s corny)

One of my good girlfriends told us on the way to the first party she had another party for us to go to which happened to be another fraternity’s founder’s day party. So we roll up to that event and it was packed! But it was also outside and the temperature had begun to drop. I was not dressed appropriately for an outside party because I didn’t know people would be partying outside in January. I know it’s Houston and all but it does get cold sometimes. I sucked it up and made the best of this cold situation.

This event happened to be BYOB! Who knew? So we began to chat with some distinguished gentlemen who were about to open a bottle of red wine. So, I helped myself to a plastic cup full of tasty libation which also served to keep me warm along with my frequent trips to the warm bathroom.   As I finally began to enjoy myself, this oversized dude runs alongside of me causing me to spill some wine on my Cream Faux Fur Vest. It took everything in me for the Brooklyn in me to stay deep within. The gentlemen we were hanging with calmed me down and convinced me that he was sorry.

So I carried on and had a good time, despite my wardrobe malfunction. After this event, we were all hungry so we decided to get something to eat at Pappasito’s. I was completely content and ready to go home but my two “can’t stop won’t stop good girlfriends” were ready to go to the “The spot”.  When they told me where the spot was located, I was ready to Uber my ass back to my car. They convinced me not to and since I didn’t want to be known as the Party Pooper, I went along with them.

“The spot” was in 3rd ward, Houston and when we arrived I had my nose turned up and thought I was to good to be there. I think I even heard two men say, “Why is her old ass here?” Maybe that was a figment of my imagination but that’s how I felt. We stayed there for awhile and saw the distinguished red wine gentlemen who chatted with us and made me feel a little more comfortable. After being there for an hour I was officially ready to go but of course “team can’t stop won’t stop” wanted to go to another spot called D bar which was right down the street. I said, “No.” So we jumped in the car, proceeded to go to our cars but then we ran into some guy who said he was headed to D bar so they decided to park the car and go to D bar.

Now I’m not sure if they were trying to relive their youth but I wasn’t trying to relive mine. When we got to D bar and had to wait in the rain in a line, I turned to my friends and said it was time to go. One girlfriends tried talking to the bouncers but when that didn’t work to get us in faster, I think they finally got the hint and we walked back to the car.

I finally got home at 1:30 am and what started off as a day party turned into partying longer than expected. The next morning when I woke up to go to church, I was mad because I was tired. I realized how much sleep I missed out on and said to myself,  “Self,  you’ll be driving  your own car the next time you hang out with Team can’t stop won’t stop.”

If you have any misadventure of day party stories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. Until next time!

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