And here are the nominees for Best Motion Picture!

Did you hear that the 2016 Oscar nominations are out? Of course you did because there wasn’t one film that you could recognize which was nominated in a MAJOR category. But then why should we be surprised? #OscarsSoWhite
What should I expect? I guess I was expecting movies like Creed or Straight Outta Compton to have at least one of their stars nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a leading role or even Best Performance by an Actor in a supporting role. Well, Sylvester Stallone was nominated for his mediocre performance in Creed so my wish was granted, huh? Nah, not really, he doesn’t count. Now if Michael B. Jordan was nominated then I would be telling a different story. Because his performance was STELLAR in Creed! 
Which is why I’d like to suggest my top five movies which should have been nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Oscars this year. 
!. Creed

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and you haven’t heard of it, it’s about Adonis Creed (son of Apollo Creed) played by Micheal B. Jordan who was being trained by Rocky Balboa played by Sylvester Stallone. I’m all for a story that has a realistic ending and this movie has that and leads you to believe there could be a part two in the making.  

2. Jurassic World

So I tried to watch the first three Jurassic park movies prior to seeing this because I couldn’t remember them all but that didn’t happen. However, I realized I didn’t need to. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat and the graphics were phenomenal. If you like a good action, sci-fi film this is one to see. It’s a little long so make sure you empty your bladder before it begins. 

3. Dope

A coming of age story for a geek named Malcolm who lived in the ‘hood. He and his friends attended a party which led to a slew of adventures in Los Angeles. It was laugh out loud funny and had a message which transcends to all generations.  

4. Inside Out

Yes, this is a cartoon. However, it’s my belief that both the young and the seasoned will enjoy this story line. The movie showcases characters who symbolize 5 emotions which everyone experiences and how they tackle different conflicts. The movie made me laugh and it also made my eyes sweat a little. You should see it when you get a chance, I think you’d enjoy it.

5. Straight Outta Compton

Now this movie might have been my favorite. I think I might actually go get this on DVD. It’s about five West Coast Rap pioneers called Niggas with Attitude aka N.W.A. Their story transcends to all ages because they tackle topics which continue to be relevant to this day.

Honorable Mention: Southpaw
Because Jake Gyllenhaal is HAWWWTTT!!!!

If you are able to see these films, you won’t be sorry. I think I might watch one of them when the Oscars are on just because I think it would be more entertaining. And if you have any to recommend feel free to share them with me below, I’d love to hear from you. Until next time….

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