Water 2 Wine: Wine education

Have you ever had a friend who bought you a Groupon for your birthday and you finally used it seven months later because it was about expire? Well I have. Said gift consisted of a wine education class at Water 2 Wine.

Can you believe that I arrived very early somewhere? It was only because I wanted to check out the vibe and atmosphere. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by three gentlemen. Glen checked me in and offered me a glass of wine. So of course I humbly obliged. When my hungry friend arrived she didn’t even wait until the class got started before she dived into the entire bowl of oyster crackers. 

The class was suppose to have four participants but the other two people didn’t show up so it felt more like a one on one wine education class which included a tour of their business where they actually make wine. And you already know who is ready to make her own wine with her own custom label! But, I digress…

During the wine education class, we learned that we should view the wine from a vertical view above the glass, but tilting it at an angle and after swirling it around at a horizontal level. Next, you should smell the wine. Finally, which is my favorite you should spit the wine out. Ok, that last part we didn’t exactly do because it’s not necessary.  But the point of it all was to allow you to use your senses when you are drinking wine just like you do when you eat food or anything else for that matter. 
We also learned how to correctly store wine.  Which I might add, I’ve been doing incorrectly since Jesus was a baby boy.  Also, I have not been drinking wine in a timely manner after it’s been uncorked. Rule of thumb is after a bottle is uncorked, it’s best to drink it within a day or two. These tips forced me to begin my hunt for a wine fridge! Any suggestions?

The last thing we learned was what food we should pair certain flavors with. For example, Cheeses are best paired with Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay. Beef (my favorite) is paired with Zinfandel, Cotes du Rhone, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Malbec. I could give you some more pairings but I would rather you check out Water 2 Wine if you are in the Houston area and ask for Glen. Then tell them I sent you! 

Check out the pictures below which allows you to experience what started off as a wine education class but then turned into a tipsy tasting of almost every wine in the store.

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