Bittersweet NY

Almost two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting New Jersey and New York which is always bittersweet. Going there reminds me of the Adele song, “When we were young”. I know that’s a love song but that’s how I feel about New York. I love it because that’s where I grew up. However, it’s housing is over priced and the city is over crowded which makes me OVER IT! I hear people say all the time, they love to visit New York and I do too. However, living there and visiting there are two different things. 
Every time I go back I say to myself, I want to experience New York as a tourist. I want to take a tour or go see some of the sights. Can you imagine I lived in New York for 20 years and I’ve never been to the top of Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Bronx Zoo or walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any of that this time either. But one day……
I was able to see some of my friends and family. And can you imagine I was in the house every night by 8 pm?? I guess I’m getting old or maybe my concept of what I enjoy doing has changed. Like spending time with these kids, who prayed every night with their parents before going to bed. 
Aiden, Elijah, Joshua and I
I also got to catch up with my coworker, Luan for lunch at a restaurant called Tablao NYC. The restaurant features dishes from Spain. It didn’t hurt that the food was delicious and the company was even better. Let’s just say we chatted so long that I never made it to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. But you know, I did do a little shopping on 34th Street.
Luan and I at Tablao NYC
And it was my intention to go to the top of the Empire State building but this was the closest I got while driving into the city from Brooklyn on my way to New Jersey.
Empire State Building
But the real reason why I went to NY was to attend the memorial service of Sylvalene Walker who was like an aunt to me. She cooked for me, let me have slumber parties at her house with my bestie when we were younger, imparted words of wisdom and kept me on the straight and narrow when she ushered at Salem Missionary Baptist Church. She will always be remembered and I’m truly grateful for her presence when I was growing up. I also got to see my bestie, Aisha and my number one roomie, Erika. 
From left to right, Erika, myself and Aisha
And last but certainly not least I was able to see Erika’s beautiful bundle of joy, Dominique Skye (with a name like that she’s destined to be FAMOUS). She was such a pleasant cutie pie, I couldn’t get enough of her. She even waved to the camera because she’s rehearsing for the future, lol. 
Dom Skye and I
I can honestly say I was sad to leave my family and friends but I was ready to get back to the great state of Texas. And even though I wasn’t able to do all of things I planned to do and see all of the people I would’ve like to visit, I had a very nostalgic experience. Until next time….

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