Sisters in Sunnies

A week ago, I journeyed to Austin, Texas aka Hill Country to spend a weekend with a group of ladies I hold near and dear to my heart. These ladies consisted of a group of women, I pledged with back in Undergrad. In Spring 2000 at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, I became a member of the illustrious sorority of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. with 22 other women of distinction. You couldn’t tell us nothing, back then, even though some tried, but I digress….

This was our first reunion and since most of us live in Texas we decided to hang out not far from home. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in fifteen years and when we unexpectedly lost two chapter Soror’s to cancer within a few months of one another, we knew we needed to reconnect. So a few of my Line Sisters (LS) took the reins and planned a memorable weekend for all who could participate.
We all met at our rental house which I found on this website called VRBO. The house was located on a hill with a beautiful view of Lake Travis. Y’all!!!! This house was something you would find in a movie. There was a jacuzzi outside, a patio area on three floors and an area where you could have a bonfire. But if you know Texas like I do, then you know it was too damn hot for a bonfire. The rooms were a nice size and for every two bedrooms there was a full bathroom attached. There was even a room with a bed in a cubby hole that you had to climb up to. Let’s just say, no one slept up there.
Since I was among the group of ladies who first arrived at the house, I was in search for a room where I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. However, my LS who traveled to Austin with me didn’t want to share a room with me because (some say) I snore like a baby bear. But it was cool, because I found a room which met my needs and was suitable enough to get a good night’s rest.

Later that evening, we had dinner at the Oasis restaurant where we ate some (just ok tasting) Mexican food, drank margaritas outside in 90 plus degree weather and watched a beautiful sunset. They even had a live band on another floor that played the wobble and other music that I didn’t personally care for. After dinner, we retreated back to the house to play Black Card Revoked and watch our probate. For those that don’t know what a probate is, it’s a showcase where the National Pan-Hellenic Council introduce their newest members to the public. Let’s just say we laughed so hard at our lack of dancing skills, coordination, our fashion choices and hairstyles we barely made it through the entire video. And let me mention that most of us were a FEW pounds lighter sixteen years ago!

The next morning we had a continental style breakfast and prepared to enjoy Krause springs which is a natural spring where you can camp, swim, hike the trail to waterfalls and grill. Some of us hiked the trail and the rest of us sat around talking, listening to music and discussing hot topics. We also of put some burgers and hot dogs on the grill while we were there.  Due to the extreme heat and just us not being the outdoorsy type we didn’t stay all day and came back to the house to enjoy a shower, the cool feeling of the air conditioner and the Olympics. I could have passed on the Olympics but since the majority wanted to watch paint peel (table tennis) I was then forced to watch the back of my eye lids. 
Chillin at Krause Springs

Waiting on the food to get ready

Burgers and Hot dogs on the grill

Swimming in the Springs
When I woke up we played a not so friendly game of Taboo. Since I’m the competitive, sore loser (will flip over a table if I lose) game player it was a must that my team won. And we did because losing is not an option! By this time it was time for dinner and since I worked up a winning appetite, I was more than ready to eat. We car pooled to The Domain and ate at Yardhouse. After dinner we were scheduled to go to the W hotel but we didn’t make it because we’d rather have a quiet evening spending time with one another. Not really! The reason why we didn’t go was because we’re mature (aka OLD) and we decided it would be better to go back to the house, have a few cocktails, play Taboo and laugh and joke with one another for free.
On Sunday morning, one of my LS was kind enough to make French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and mimosa’s for the remainder of us before we made like a banana and split back to our individual realities. We also took a few group pictures in our Spring 2000 Summer 16 reunion t-shirts along with our sunnies. Overall, the weekend was a SUCCESS! We accomplished our goals which were to reconnect with one another, laugh a lot and reminisce. We even vowed to retreat with one another bi-annually.

It’s my hope that you too have a group of friends, who you are able to retreat with for a weekend full of laughs and if not then maybe you need to re-evaluate some things and get to finding some. You won’t regret it! Until next time….

Bonfire pit
Sisterly Love
Dinner at Oasis restaurant
Watching our probate

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