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I thoroughly enjoyed watching the New Edition biopic which aired on BET for three nights this past week and I wouldn’t even consider myself a FAN! I have two close friends and a cousin who shall remain nameless who are TRUE FANS! I even allowed one friend to convince me to attend a New Edition concert in Washington DC a few years ago. And let’s just say it was money well spent because I sweated my hair out dancing and singing the few words of the songs I knew. New Edition are superb entertainers and they make performing look effortless, well some of them.

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As I watched over the last few nights, I was amazed at their story and resilience. I would have never known about their poor business decisions and money mismanagement if their story wasn’t told. I was utterly shocked when I learned they were still living in the projects of Roxbury, Massachusetts after having a number one song and being on tour. And when they came back home and their manager bought back a check for $1.87 to split amongst the five of them my heart sank.

There were a few other moments in the story which made my heart hurt like finding out Ricky Bell (BAE) was a coke head! Who knew??? I thought Bobby was the only one who used drugs. I know what you’re thinking didn’t they all smoke “sticky icky”? It appeared so but I’m not judging them for smoking “mary jane” because who hasn’t? But I digress…

Another moment that made me gasp was when Bobby Brown jumped out of the top of the limousine to fight Mike Bivins like he was going to beat the life out of him. I was scared for Mike. I thought to myself the repercussions from spitting in that man’s face is going to hurt more than getting your foot ran over, Mike. But that was just one of the many fights allegedly.


Two days ago, l watched the Bell Biv Devoe interview on the Breakfast Club (which can be found here) and they reported the group members always argued and fought like they weren’t good friends.  It was also reported they would have pillow fights which started out as playful and turned into real fights. I thought to myself you would have never known any of this because they didn’t bring any of that energy to the stage with them when they performed.

And the NE cast was phenomenal! Both the young and adult casts of each member were spot on, except the adult actor who portrayed Ricky Bell. And I would have never survived rehearsals for the choreography of the routines like the cast did. Maybe when I was 15 but not today!


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Now, I would be remised if I didn’t mention those horrible wigs some of the cast wore. What was the budget for hair because they didn’t have to buy all the discount wigs for Johnny Gill and Brooke Payne (New Edition’s first manager and choreographer). And I personally could have done without LaLa and Wood Harris, but I’m no Robbi Reed (Casting Director).

I know this blog post may be a spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it yet but oh well and shame on you! You should lock yourself in the house over the weekend for at least six hours to get your life together in front of the TV because I’m sure BET will air at least four times by Monday. You’ll thank me later ! And after you watch it, let me know what your favorite NE song is in the comments below. Until next time…..

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