Babymoon Vacay

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Los Angeles, California for the first time with my cousin , soror, friend Erika. We decided not to stay in LA because it was so expensive so she snagged a deal on a rental car plus a free upgrade and we found ourselves in a Mercedes Benz SUV (nothing but the best for us) for under $80. WINNING!!!! So we proceeded to Pasadena, California to the Courtyard Marriott where Erika stays when she visits for work. Did I mention they also gave us a good price for our stay and their hospitality is remarkable!
I would be remised if I didn’t mention that the hotel staff were very pleasant and friendly. They were kind, thoughtful and truly sincere about making sure our stay the best. I also need to give a special shout out to Tiffany and Janeen who were the best front desk staff I’ve ever encountered. Tiffany and Janeen were so warm and welcoming that when we arrived to our hotel room we had this beautiful basket waiting for us which included a bottle of wine, some popcorn, a mini peach and pumpkin pie, two pairs of sock footies, a bouquet of flowers and a $25 cheesecake factory gift card. WINNING AGAIN!!

Gift basket & flowers

They even facilitated us bumping into Derek Luke!

Erika, Derek Luke and I

And I was so excited! Prior to the trip, I told myself I wanted to see a celebrity while I was in LA and who knew I would bump into one in my hotel lobby. WINNING AGAIN! He was humble and FIIINNEEE and he ministered to us about restoration when he heard we were visiting from Houston. I could have gone home after meeting him but we had a two days left so we made the most of them, lol.

While we were there we did some sightseeing. Our first stop was our attempt to get a closer view of the Hollywood sign even though Erika’s friend told us we had to hike up there which would take approximately two hours.  So we both decided we would drive as far as we could up the hills of hollywood where people with loooooong money live until we couldn’t anymore. Let’s just say on the  drive up the hills, I was scared for MY LIFE (which doesn’t happen often)!

Hollywood sign from a distance

And let me tell you why. Reason #1, we were going up a very steep hill around winding curves which made me feel like I was on an unsolicited roller coaster ride. Reason #2, the street we drove up on was way to narrow (like in most Caribbean islands) and all the signs on the way up said, “residents only, no driving to Hollywood sign this way”.  But we kept going unto we couldn’t drive anymore.

And at that point (as seen below) there was no place to park and we were expected to walk up the hill the rest of the way to the Hollywood sign. No thanks! I knew in that moment, I was going no further and whatever my cousin wanted to  do I would wait for her safely in that SUV.  She asked me several times to go with her and I gave here several reasons why I wasn’t. So she persisted without me.

The crossroads where you had to hike the rest of the way to the Hollywood sign

As I sat in the car, patiently waiting, I realized I had no cell phone service because T-Maybe probably can’t afford to have towers up there.  So with nothing else to do I played candy crush and watched other tourists drive by with our same intentions. Within a few minutes, my cousin returned and told me I made the right decision to stay in the car because the hike to the sign was a lot farther and steeper than expected.  Don’t tell her but I I was low key happy she didn’t leave me for a long time because I was ready to get back to the low lying area of Hollywood.

Our next stop was to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. We passed by the iconic Beverly Hills sign from Beverly Hillbillies and the police station from the sequel of Beverly Hills Cop movies. When we made our way to Rodeo drive which is only three streets long we parked and walked around for two hours.

Let’s just say we left empty handed because as Iyanla Vacant says, “let’s call a thang a thang beloved”, I can’t afford that ish. The only I walked away with is this picture below.

My new car outside of the House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive

Next stop was the Santa Monica Pier, where we ate at The Misfit. I had a cheeseburger (my once a week must have pregnant girl meal) and my cousin had a chicken sandwich. We shared some truffle fries which were DELICIOUS and we had some salted chocolate cookies that were scrumptious. My cousin indulged in libations from the happy hour menu as i drooled and sipped on an ice cold coke.

The Misfit

We proceeded to the Third street promenade, picked up a few items and made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. But as we walked closer to the water, the air became brisk and we looked at each other and said this is as far we we’re going to go and retreated back to our vehicle.

Erika and I in front of the Santa Monica Pier

The next day we visited the Hollywood walk of fame and saw stars in honor of our favorite celebrities even Bill Cosby. 

Destiny’s Child star on the Hollywood walk of fame

We enjoyed dessert at the Ghirardelli store which was rich and filling and then headed to Downtown LA (aka DTLA). 

Ghirardelli dessert

There wasn’t much to see DTLA or maybe we didn’t try hard enough but we did enjoy some lite bites at Public school 213.

On our last day we slept in and went to Malibu beach (my happy place). Did I tell you the beach was my happy place? I was able to reflect, prepare for what lies ahead, relax and people watch. And even though we didn’t stay a long time it was the perfect ending to my baby moon vacay.

Baby J and I on Malibu beach

My trip to LA was just what the doctor ordered. I would definitely recommend a trip there if you haven’t already been. They have perfect weather which makes up for the horrible traffic. Please scroll below to check out more photos from my trip. Until next time….

Meat District Co. in Pasadena, CA
The hills on Malibu Canyon Rd on the way to Malibu beach
Beverly Hills sign
A view of the mountains, Pasadena CA

4 thoughts on “Babymoon Vacay

  1. Maam you missed one of the best parts of going to LA! Roscoe’s chicken and waffles 🙂 next trip definitely make sure you get some.

    And nope you didn’t miss a thing downtown LA, there is nothing there. The husband and I took a trip there 10 years ago and stayed at the Westin downtown without knowing that place is dead dead dead…. when we go this summer we’re staying in Manhattan Beach or Studio City!

    Ghirardelli is sooooo yum btw! Geesh I’ve never been to the store in LA though only the manuafactory/restaurant/store in San Fran which was A YUMMY experience!! The whole neighborhood smells like chocolate


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