Happy Mother’s Day

Happy belated mother’s day to all the mothers, grandmas, aunties, cousins and step moms! Is that a thing? Probably not. I know it’s been awhile but what can I say, being a single mom is hard work. Two days ago was my first mother’s day and I enjoyed it immensely. The whole weekend itself was one that was unforgettable and not long enough. On Saturday, Jordy B and I had a “Mommy and Me” photo session and she smiled her way through the entire session. She has so much personality and energy, I couldn’t keep up. She had so much fun she had to take a nap soon thereafter, lol.

After my mom purchased every picture at Portrait Innovations, we had lunch, hung out at the mall and later that evening, we spent time at my parent’s house. Here are a few images from our photo session.

On Sunday, Jordy B woke me up at 6:45 am because she was hungry and of course she refused to go back to sleep. So we watched a little TV and prepared to attend church. We fellowshipped at mom’s church with my brother, nephew and nephew’s mom. The sermon was titled, Mama don’t give up. He delivered a message that I felt was exactly what I needed.

My mom was so happy to have us all there you know she asked the photographer at church to take a picture of all of us. The only people missing were my dad and my sister. After that, even though I would have love to relax, a mother’s job is never done so I went to the grocery store, washed clothes and went to dinner at Seasons 52.

Side bar, if you go to dinner in the future at Seasons 52 don’t expect to bring home a doggie bag. The food is good quality but portion control is in full effect.

I know what you are thinking, nothing about my weekend sounded unforgettable. Well that’s thing while I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, being surrounded by my loved ones was more than enough. To top it off, I also received some memorable gifts, chocolate covered strawberries and mini cheesecake bites from Shari’s berries. Not only was my heart full but my belly was also.

On Sunday night, I called my mom to thank her for not only everything she’s done for me but also for everything she continues to do for me. She’s so selfless and her actions go unnoticed most times. I also cried while talking with her. I never understood how hard it was for her to raise my brother and I as a single parent, while my dad was away working until I became a single mother (under different circumstances). Her words were not only encouraging but also gave me hope. She told me I was doing a great job (even though sometimes I feel like I’m not).

Motherhood was not something I necessarily wanted to embark on. I would tell my friends if I didn’t have children I would be ok. But now that I am a Mom I would not trade it for the world. It’s been the most demanding responsibility I’ve ever had to take on but I know the best is yet to come. So stay tuned and until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I cried! You are amazing & so much stronger than you can even imagine! Keep being the amazing mommy God created you to be!


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