Jordy B’s first birthday

Happy New Year, can I still say that? Well I hope you’re 2019 has been off to a good, busy and productive start like mine. I already need a vacation because I’m tired from the holidays, Jordy B’s first birthday party and the everyday hustle and bustle. Why didn’t anyone tell me how stressful planning a kids birthday party was? I needed an event planner but the way my budget is set up, I had to resort to planning it myself.

I started planning this party last November and still felt overwhelmed the week of. The theme was Jordy B’s Winter ONEderland and I solicited the help of my colleague, Ms. Wilson to decorate the event space. It helped that we work together and that she decorated my baby shower so she knows me well enough to know what I would and wouldn’t like. She pushed me to decide upon what I wanted to have her create in a timely manner which was one headache out of the way.

During the course of planning, I brainstormed with my best friend, Aisha about party favors and we decided upon hot chocolate and marshamllows in a jar with a customized sticker from Vistaprint. I also consulted with my old roomie Erika who had the same theme for her daughter’s first birthday regarding where to purchase the items for the party favors.

When I started researching cakes I solicited my line sister, Tonishea of Pure Bliss Sweets & Treats to bring to life the best cake I could’ve imagined for my baby’s party. Not only did it look great but it taste really good also. Two layers were Yellow cake and one was Red Velvet cake. There was also a variety of candy and cupcakes on the cake table.

My family and best friend came through with some finger licking good food for the guests. The menu included meatballs, baked chicken wings, brisket sliders, pasta salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs, tossed salad, chicken nuggets and pizza. We also had a Snow Party Punch, soda, water and beer.

The only thing I would have changed was I should have planned more games for the kiddos. However, I had such a variety of ages of kids I didn’t know what to do with them. I thought about hiring a clown and inquired about the price. I was told by one vendor it cost $175 an hour. So I immediately said, “Let me think about it”. Well I didn’t get the clown nor did I have any entertainment.

Lucky for me, the weather was nice so a few kids went outside to play on the playground and then we played one round of good ol’ musical chairs. All in all, I think the party was a success and I learned a few helpful tips for future party planning. The most important one was, “Don’t plan another birthday party until she turns 5!” Until next time….

Me, Jordy B, Auntie E and my Goddaddy, Tone
Me, Jordy B, Godmommy Aisha and Uncle Ramani
Me, Jordy B and her grandparents
Me, Jordy B, Cousin Zach attack and my Auntie’s and Uncle

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