Dear Mama

Hey Everyone!! Hope you’ve been doing better than me and Jordy B. We’re currently at the House of Refuge aka my parents house because Houston and it’s adjacent areas had heavy rainfall and scattered thunderstorms which caused some flooding. Not only was the weather bad but Jordy B was diagnosed with pneumonia the other day which I think was an upper respiratory infection but who am I. She also had hand, foot and mouth virus two weeks ago and a cold two weeks before that. And in the midst of that I had back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. But despite all of that, God is good and this weekend is Mother’s Day so I’m here for any gifts coming my way.

Let me stop to say Happy Mother’s day to all of the women who sacfriced, nurtured, cared for or provided love, kindness and generosity to their kids, kids of others, family members and their community. I want to say a special thank you to my Mom who is my biggest supporter and my second toughest critic. She is a voice of reason who challenges me and is one of the best grandma’s Jordy B could have asked for.

Now, she also has the tendency to tap dance on one of my last nerves like most mothers do. For example, when I ask her to babysit she says to me I have things to do and she gives me a hard time as if I’m trying to drop Jordy B off to never return. She gives me the third degree and is worse than day cares are when you pick up your child one minute late. And when I give her specific instructions while babysitting Jordy B she does the exact opposite. Good help is hard to find, lol.

When I told her I was pregnant, she told me she would be supportive but that was a half truth. Let me tell you why, I asked her if she could retire (again) from her part time job so she could take care of Jordy B and she told me, “No, I’m not that type of grandmother ” and she was unapologetic about it. She didn’t care who she told or how it sounded and she continues to work. She’ll probably retire when Jordy B starts school just to make sure she doesn’t get stuck with her.

On the other hand, when I need her to do something for me, she does it within reason and without hesitation. She picks up Jordy B from day care when I need her. Over the last few weeks, she’s watched Jordy B when she’s been sick so I wouldn’t have to take a significant amount of time off from work. She comes over to my house to help me when I ask her and she’s always up for an outing with me and Jordy B.

I also remember when I went to college and she worked two jobs so I can have some money in my pocket and so my brother could have all the things she wanted him to have. She was selfless and instilled in us values and beliefs that I will pass on to Jordy B.

So when she asked me to take some pictures for Mother’s day, I did what any good daughter would do. I asked her, “do we have to?” But then when she said it again, I booked the session and made it work. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her because she continues to go above and beyond for me and her family. So on this day, I want to wish her the best Mother’s day because she deserves to be celebrated every day for being the best Mommy (yes, I still call her that) a girl could have!

Check out the pics below from our photo session. Until next time…..

One thought on “Dear Mama

  1. Tisha, you made me smile so wide and she’d a tear! I can attest to your truth! But, I am so blessed to call your mom my friend. She’s a true blue friend! I miss y’all here in BK with me, but thank God you all are together. ❤💕💞


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