Pandemic Socializin’

So I recently went out to dinner to celebrate a good friend’s birthday and let’s just say the place was very different from what I’m accustom to. I know what you’re thinking, you went out during the pandemic and the positivity rate is increasing? Yes I did. Everyone’s “risk comfortability” level is different and ya’ll know your girl has a few exceptions to pandemic socializin’.

First, I would prefer to eat outside when going out to eat. Second, I only go out to eat with people I trust. Third, there will be no hugging or touching while out and when I return I peel off my clothes and take a shower. And fourth, worry about yourself because I’m always going to do what’s best for me and Jordy B.

Now let’s set the birthday dinner scene, the area of Houston, the Galleria ($$$), the place MAD Houston and the type of place, a Spanish style tapas bar. If you don’t have the time to look it up, my description of it would be an uppity a** restaurant with overpriced lite bites and libations. But the ambiance was swanky and we sat outside (one of my exceptions) which made me feel like I was in Miami instead of the H. The group of women I was with were the women who wear jeans, heels and a cute top type. However, everyone else was the little black dress or men with tight pants and fitted shirts’ type.

Up first, we ordered drinks. A group of us ordered a pitcher of what we thought was Sangria. It was more like Liquor with 4 cups of cinnamon. I felt like I was drinking liquid Big Red gum. It wasn’t good to me but we drank it all and then ordered a different drink with a Basil ice cube which was blah to me. And for your information, everything we ordered from the menu had to be explained to us by our waiter, Guy because every item had some over the top name with some unnecessary and over the top ingredients.

Roja (Sangria Pitcher)
Basil Ice Cube drink

Up next, the Tapas. Now I don’t know about you but when I go out to eat, I want to be satisfied when I leave, not searching for something else to eat on the way home. I also don’t want to be so full I need to unbutton my pants or loosen my belt, that’s reserved for Thanksgiving. Well, let’s just say I decided not to do either of the above because it was to late to eat by the time I got home.

There was nothing on the menu that I felt like I had to have, but I did find two items that I thought would be good to try. The first dish was the Rabo de Toro that consisted of 3 Jordy B size oxtail sandwiches and the Empanadillas de Cochinillo that included 4 pocket size empanadas with apricot chutney which equaled NOT ENOUGH FOOD FOR ME!

Rabo de Toro
Empanadillas de Cochinillo

See below some of the other Tapas the ladies ordered.

Shisheido Peppers
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Mad Tomato

That mad tomato above was not yummy at all. So much so that my friend who ordered it compared the pumpernickel bread crumbs to plant soil. She then proceeded to return it and order something else. And yes the tomato was fake!

The ham and cheese sandwich shown above had another name but after seeing it I can’t even remember what it was called because the presentation of it was so lack luster that all you can call it is a ham and cheese sandwich. Everyone who had the shisheido peppers said they were good but I can’t comment on it because they must have been so good that they forgot to save me one when I went to the bathroom.

Now the bathroom, was my favorite part of the restaurant. The hallway leading up to it was like a runaway and inside the bathroom had a cute wall to pose next to. P.S.A., I only took my mask off to pose for the pictures near and in the bathroom. It was worn at all times while inside the restaurant.

Inside the bathroom
The hallway to the bathroom

On to the desserts, only one of us was brave enough to order Churros whic were actually delicious. And the birthday girl had some kinda sherbert, sorbet something that didn’t look good to me but she enjoyed it. The grand finale came when the bill came to the table and the total was $695. I could of slid off my chair and under the table when I heard the total. But instead I took out my card, paid for my meal (if you want to call it that) and walked out with my dignity and pride before the manager came to the table to kick us out because we had gone over our two and a half hour time limit.

So the moral of the story is, be careful of the uppity friends you hang out with because they will have you spending daycare money on cinnamon drinks and Tapas, lol. Now let me go make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast that will hopefully last me to Thanksgiving! Until next time…

Niki, Seth and Tiffany
E and me
Me and Eboni

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