Time flies….

Hey friends, I know its been two almost three months since my last post but trying to grow a business, single momming and working full time has made it difficult to find the time to devote to blogging. I know what your thinking, that doesn’t sound like a lot, well feel free to walk a day in my shoes and then give me your opinion when your done, lol. But enough with the excuses, let me catch you up real quick. I got a breast reduction, we survived Winter Storm Uri in Houston, I applied for a Managerial position at my job which I didn’t get and I finally traveled to NJ to see my family (in that order). So now that you’re caught up let’s unpack all of it.

Where shall I start?

I guess with my breast reduction. I’ve been struggling with lower and upper back pain since being pregnant with Jordy B. It was exacerbated when Jordy B was a baby and I had to do alot of lifting, bending to change diapers, picking up toys and all of the other things you do as a Mom. So I saw a Chiropractor, went to Physical Therapy all to little avail. Then I went to a Plastic Surgeon who told me I would be a good candidate for a Mammoplasty reduction.

Can you tell that I’m itty bitty now?

The doctor’s office submitted a prior authorization to my insurance company to have them cover my procedure and it was initially denied. I was hurt, it was a few days before my scheduled surgery and I had already prepared myself mentally to go through with it. I called the doctor’s office when I found out and they said they would apply for the decision to be overturned but the day before I still hadn’t heard back. I told myself no matter what the outcome I would be ok. But your girl was still a bag of emotions. At 5:52 pm, the day before my scheduled surgery, I received a call saying the insurance company’s decision was overturned. Won’t he do it!

I had my surgery the next day and was on the road to recovery. Side note, after I had surgery, I realized that I looked twelve months pregnant so I began to cut back on Pepsi and portion control my meals because I can’t afford a tummy tuck just yet, lol. Unfortunately, three days after surgery Winter Storm Uri came barreling through Texas. Talk about bad timing! We house hopped a few times to stay warm because the electricity went out but we never went without water. During that time, I was popping pain pills, trying to rest and make sure Jordy B and I were warm and safe with help from my parents. I’ve been through Snowmaggedon and other Winter storms but I never lost electricity during them, I was outdone by the impact of such a small amount of snow but we made it through by the grace of God.

I’m not sure if I even want to mention the managerial position I applied for because I wasn’t sure I wanted to apply for it. I was on the fence about the position because I would have been responsible for others but who doesn’t want to make more money. So for the sake of transparency, I applied and had an interview via Microsoft Teams but my camera wouldn’t work. All in all, I thought it went well but I guess it didn’t. I didn’t receive feedback and I didn’t care for any at the time. The opportunity to make more money always peaks my interest but next time, I’ll do more careful consideration before applying.

I was semi ready for my interview, lol

So if you know me, you know I like to travel. I hadn’t been on a plane since November 2019 and I was itching for a vacation. I also hadn’t seen my East Coast family face to face since September 2018. My mom and I had been trying to go to NJ since April 2020 but the pandemic happened and we rescheduled our trip to December 2020. In December 2020, we still didn’t feel comfortable to travel so we rescheduled it to April 2021. After Mama B and I got our COVID 19 vaccine we felt better about traveling to NJ. The airport and the United Airlines took a lot of safety precautions and I had my own Clorox wipes, face masks and shields. I thought about buying Hazmat suits but I figured that was a bit much, lol.

Jordy B was ready to travel

Can I tell you that I was so happy to travel, I felt like a kid at a candy store in the airport! When I finally saw my family, I knew I made the right decision to travel. We ate, laughed, shopped, caught up and enjoyed each other’s company. My cousin Anthony and his wife, Kathy opened up their home to us and were very hospitable. They didn’t put us out, even though I broke a picture frame that fell down the steps the first day we got there and they fed us well.

My cousin, Anthony, Jordy B and I

While I was in NJ, my best friend had her grand opening for The Sistah Shop located in Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, NJ. I got to see my godson, Austin Ray and a few friends who attended the grand opening. It was the vacay I needed more than I knew. Even though, it wasn’t to a tropical island and I didn’t get to lay on anyone’s beach I was happy to be away from my home and my monotonous routine. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated when I got back. But most especially, ready for my next vacation! Until next time…

Aisha and I at The Sistah Shop’s grand opening

6 thoughts on “Time flies….

  1. You had a lot going on in your life these last few months. Happy to see all worked out for you healing health through the storms of life and traveling with and to see family.
    Keep it going by the grace of God. Love you!!💖


  2. “…gave up Pepsi” I hollered!! Congratulations and I’m glad you, Jordy B and your other loved ones are good. Keep sweet!


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