Georgia on my mind

Hey all! How have you been? With the world opening back up are you ready to enjoy Summer 2021? I know I am. As someone born in the summertime, I love the sun, three day weekends, dining outdoors and the vacations I usually plan. I love almost everything summertime brings except the oppressive humidity and heat the season brings to Texas. I’ve managed to learn how to make the best of it by staying inside and taking two showers when I have to go outside, lol.

I kicked off my summer time travel on Memorial Day weekend when Jordy B, Mama B and I took a girls trip to Georgia.

We stayed with my best friend’s sister, Ayana and her family who welcomed us with open arms. On Saturday, we went to brunch at Tupelo Honey in Sandy Springs, Georgia. The menu consisted of delicious southern comfort food that I try not to eat often because after I eat it I usually want to take a nap. They had these biscuits with blueberry jam that made you wanna slap yo mama. In case you were wondering, I didn’t! I also had one mimosa and limited myself to just one because mini me was there and kids will kill your vibe real quick.

The only negative part about our experience was our food took a long time to come to the table because it was a holiday weekend and the restaurant was crowded so the kitchen was busy. But when you’re in the South, you do Southern things and eating some “stick your ribs food” was worth the wait. After brunch, we ventured out to do some light window shopping and then picked up my bestie and godson from the airport.

That evening we had a fish fry, played Spades and talked trash. The best part of the night was finding out there was no dessert. Have you ever been in a room full of black folk when they found out there was no dessert? Well let me tell you it wasn’t pretty until my bestie’s aunt whipped up one of THE “best box cakes you could have of ever had on short notice”. Let me tell you it was so good that we ate some that night and for breakfast the next morning.

The next day, we relaxed and prepped for the BBQ in celebration of my best friend’s cousins’ High School graduation. I was the sous chef and helped to create the best damn Pasta Salad eva made! And I’m not saying that because I helped make it but because it was made with love, lol.

I should also let you know that my bestie’s cousin and his parents didn’t know any of us were in Georgia to celebrate with them. So when we pulled up to the BBQ everyone’s mouth’s were wide open! It was so good to see framily members I hadn’t seen for almost two years and of course because of the pandemic. We hugged, laughed, danced, drank, ate and celebrated until the night fell. And then there were fireworks!

That night I hung out with an old friend and well, he showed me why they really call it HOTLANTA!!!

On our last day, we went to Ponce City Market, the previous home of City Hall East in Atlanta. They have shops, a food court and a rooftop that features games, putt putt, a restaurant overlooking the city and a three story slide. We enjoyed it until the sun came out from behind the clouds and sat on our foreheads. It’s something about being on a rooftop that made it feel like I was closer to the sun than I should have been.

JD and some rando riding on the one ride

After we left Ponce City Market, we ate dinner and watched the basketball game at Hampton + Hudson. The restaurant had a good vibe despite another patron accompanied by his dog that barked at everyone who passed by. By 9 pm, it was time to get back to the house to pack and get ready for our flight back to the H. I should tell you that we almost missed our flight the next morning because the airport was crazy busy. I was so nervous and anxious about missing our flight that I was sweating like a stripper who just got off the pole. Thankfully, we made it to the gate just in time to beg for two seats together for me and Jordy B on our Southwest flight back home (Mama B got stuck in a middle seat). Nonetheless, our time in Georgia was one for the books. We love hanging out with framily and of course creating new memories! Until next time…

Ayana, JD and Jordy B at Ponce City Market
Best friends

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