So your girl went to see her favorite Brooklyn rapper, Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce in her hometown of Houston, Texas last Saturday night and was thoroughly impressed when they finally got on stage at 9:30 PM (in my sarcastic voice). The tickets said the show started at 7:30 PM so when Chloe x Halle came out a little before 7:30, I thought we were off to a good start. They performed their set which was good but I felt like the sound was too loud and drowned them out which made it hard to hear them sing their lyrics.

Then there was a pause between their set and when DJ Khaled hit the stage. By the way can anyone tell me why DJ Khaled has a DJ and he’s a DJ? But I digress.. DJ Khaled performed some of his hits with other artists and even did this dance that looked like he was about to trip over his feet. When he did it twice I got nervous.

After he performed he had a rendition of Houston’s got talent where a few of Htown’s best rappers graced us with their presence. Some artists included Paul Wall, Bun B, Trae the Truth, Kiotti, Slim Thug and Scarface. He even had an artist named Ingrid perform and Diddy’s son performed a song that sounded like Case’s song, Touch me Tease me.

When they were done Bey and Jay didn’t hit the stage until 9:30 PM, finally. They started off with a few hits they had together and then broke off to some of their individual hits. Some of the highlights:

Jay needs a haircut.

I love the way Bey accentuated Jay’s lyrics when they performed together. And when they were on stage together you could see the love they have between them is genuine and real now.

Jay was looking at Bey like Obama and Biden look at each other, like she was a snack, lol.

When Bey performed in her sequined onesies I was on my feet.

When Jay performed I sang along but primarily sat done. I saw him in concert last year and while I enjoy his music I’m not crazy about his onstage presence and performance.

By 11:30 PM, I was checking my watch and yawning because it was way past my bedtime. The concert ended at Midnight and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Is it to much to ask artists to be more considerate of concert goers time? Overall, I enjoyed the concert and maybe now I’ll listen to their last album in its entirety because when they performed the new songs I was completed clueless, lol.

And don’t ask me where I was sitting and why those lines were in the way in my pictures. That’s what I could afford and I’m not ashamed to say it because ain’t nobody going broke to see Bey and Jay. Do you know how much day care costs a month? Until next time…..

The first of many!

Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoyed your summer and you’re ready to FALL into the final quarter of 2018. I’ve been taking a break from blogging because being a single mom and having a new home is HARD WORK! As I’m trying to get back into blogging I’m asking for you to hold me accountable but also be patient because I have some new ideas and things to share with you all.

This past weekend Jordy B had her first airplane experience to New Jersey. She handled it like a BOSS! Ok, not really but she did get compliments from people on the plane who sat near us. They said, “She’s a good baby”, “She’s so cute” and my favorite was “She didn’t make a lot of noise”. I was thinking to myself, what baby were they talking about? Is this the same baby who had a meltdown when we were making her bottle or the baby who cut up when we changed her diaper?

Overall, she was well behaved because we had all of her essentials which included noise cancelling headphones, her very own neck pillow, a blanket, a toy, bottles, baby food and my favorite, her pacifier. What more did she need? She needed her own seat because air plane seats are to darn small for the both of us. But I digress…

Jordy B, Mama B and I stayed with family and friends during our visit but of course we rented a small SUV to hit up the mall, two BBQ’s, Allan’s bakery to get some Currant rolls and Salem Missionary Baptist Church (my home church) in Brooklyn. Although, we didn’t do as much as I would’ve like to, the quality time spent with family and friends could not be replaced. And everywhere we went Jordy B was a celebrity. People wanted to hold her, touch her, play with her and take pictures with her. Below are some of pictures of our adventures in NJ. Until next time….

Jordy B and her cousins
Neets and Jordy B with Willie P with the photo bomb
Jordy B and I at my home church, Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Mama B, Jordy B, Mrs. P after church
1900 Albemarle Rd (where I came from)
Mi familia
Jordy B at the Piano (maybe the next A. Keys?)
Jordy B was ready to hit the mall

Willie P, Neets and Jordy B having fun at #Issahhousewarming

Keeping My Sanity

Hey Everyone! Since I’ve been back to work I‘ve been trying to figure out how to balance my new normal all while keeping my sanity. I feel like I need a vacation which consists of napping, eating, more napping, binge watching Netflix and other mindless TV. I’m not sure how parents with multiple children find time for themselves, their spouse or anything else because I’m always TIRED!!!! I’m so tired that I resigned from my part time job. Ok not really. The real reason was to spend time with Jordyn and because grandparents work until their 85 even on the weekends, lol.

As a new mom, I’ve enlisted family and friends to help with Jordyn because without them we would struggle. They’ve done everything from babysit when I went to get a massage and facial, to decorating Jordyn’s room (which she hasn’t slept in yet). I’ve also found a few helpful items that help make “mommying” a little easier.

1. Dock a Tot

This cozy little thing has allowed Baby J to get the best sleep of her life so far. She is even sleeping all night (on most nights). I don’t know if it’s the way this thing is constructed or the fact that she’s co-sleeping but she sleeps so good she drools and baby snores. She gets both characteristics honestly.

It’s also easy to disassemble and clean. It’s a little pricey, $185 but it’s worth the money. I was able to purchase it by combining gift cards together. I promise you won’t be disappointed and you cam thank me later.

2. Baby Brezza

This is what I affectionately call a Keurig for baby bottles. It perfectly makes your baby’s 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 oz bottle at the right temperature. I don’t know who invented this genius product but whoever it was should win the highest honor a parent can give to another person.

If you struggled to breast feed like I did this baby will not disaappoint. This item is about $185 but the official website always has a sale or coupon code so it’s never full price. Or you can do like I did and put it as an item on your registry and pray that someone will buy it for you like my good friend did.

3. Nose Frida

Baby J is a snot monster. Even with a humidifier it’s like she always has some congestion. If you’re like me and you were disgusted when you saw a parent put their mouth over their baby’s mouth and blew hard so the snot came flying out of their nose then this is for you.

The Nose Frida allows you to stick one end in the baby’s nostril and suck out the snot from the other end into a tube which can easily be cleaned.

4. Boppy pillow

This little pillow can be used up until baby J is nine months. I used it in my attempt to breastfeed. I used it to feed baby J when I was on maternity leave. I use it for her to sit up in when I’m taking a shower and for tummy time. I took a nap on it by acccident. It’s multi-purpose and I love it. It also has different covers if you don’t like this flowery pattern. They have other kinds also for breastfeeding and newborns if your not interested in this one. It costs about $30 and would be a great item to put on your baby registry.

5. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

This little swing makes baby J happy. Can you tell? She takes naps in it and it puts her to sleep at night after I’ve read her a bedtime story. This was also gifted to me by a good friend and it wasn’t even on my baby registry. She told me you’re going to need this when you move into your own place and she was right. It vibrates, swings and plays music. What more can a girl as for? Swings range in different prices and sizes so do your research first. Not all babies like swings but give it a try and pray to the good Lord that your baby enjoys it as much as baby J.

I hope you enjoyed the gadgets that help me keep my sanity since becoming a mom. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or good ideas you would like to share. Until next time…..

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy belated mother’s day to all the mothers, grandmas, aunties, cousins and step moms! Is that a thing? Probably not. I know it’s been awhile but what can I say, being a single mom is hard work. Two days ago was my first mother’s day and I enjoyed it immensely. The whole weekend itself was one that was unforgettable and not long enough. On Saturday, Jordy B and I had a “Mommy and Me” photo session and she smiled her way through the entire session. She has so much personality and energy, I couldn’t keep up. She had so much fun she had to take a nap soon thereafter, lol.

After my mom purchased every picture at Portrait Innovations, we had lunch, hung out at the mall and later that evening, we spent time at my parent’s house. Here are a few images from our photo session.

On Sunday, Jordy B woke me up at 6:45 am because she was hungry and of course she refused to go back to sleep. So we watched a little TV and prepared to attend church. We fellowshipped at mom’s church with my brother, nephew and nephew’s mom. The sermon was titled, Mama don’t give up. He delivered a message that I felt was exactly what I needed.

My mom was so happy to have us all there you know she asked the photographer at church to take a picture of all of us. The only people missing were my dad and my sister. After that, even though I would have love to relax, a mother’s job is never done so I went to the grocery store, washed clothes and went to dinner at Seasons 52.

Side bar, if you go to dinner in the future at Seasons 52 don’t expect to bring home a doggie bag. The food is good quality but portion control is in full effect.

I know what you are thinking, nothing about my weekend sounded unforgettable. Well that’s thing while I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, being surrounded by my loved ones was more than enough. To top it off, I also received some memorable gifts, chocolate covered strawberries and mini cheesecake bites from Shari’s berries. Not only was my heart full but my belly was also.

On Sunday night, I called my mom to thank her for not only everything she’s done for me but also for everything she continues to do for me. She’s so selfless and her actions go unnoticed most times. I also cried while talking with her. I never understood how hard it was for her to raise my brother and I as a single parent, while my dad was away working until I became a single mother (under different circumstances). Her words were not only encouraging but also gave me hope. She told me I was doing a great job (even though sometimes I feel like I’m not).

Motherhood was not something I necessarily wanted to embark on. I would tell my friends if I didn’t have children I would be ok. But now that I am a Mom I would not trade it for the world. It’s been the most demanding responsibility I’ve ever had to take on but I know the best is yet to come. So stay tuned and until next time…..

Motherhood: my new normal

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been a little while but I have been adjusting to my new normal, Motherhood which really should be called, Who wants to work for Baby J?

The boss, Baby J

Baby J came into this world on the first day of the New Year and she has been very demanding since day one. Let me let you in on a little secret, motherhood is the hardest role I’ve ever have to fill in my entire life. No matter how many books you read or advice you get from professionals, family and friends all of that shit goes out the window when you have a living breathing human hollering at 3 am in your ear whose diaper has been changed and they’ve already been fed.

I would be lying to you if I told you the first few weeks were easy. Total opposite! I cried every day the first week I was home from the hospital because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right.

After having a C-section and being in pain for the first two weeks, I felt inadequate because I’m so independent and wasn’t comfortable having others do things for me. I questioned my womanhood because I was unable to breastfeed like I had planned to. The sleepless nights had me looking like who shot ya. Overall, I was looking for a label I could stick on baby J’s butt so I could return to sender, the hospital, a stork anybody!

But after I asked for help from my parents and expressed how I was feeling to family and friends the outpouring of support has been tremendous! My village rocks and have helped in more ways I could have possibly imagined. I forgot to mention that while I’m on maternity leave trying to bond and figure out motherhood, I’m also trying to move into my first house. And that process has also been challenging and a long time coming.

Slowly but surely I’m learning the do’s and dont’s of parenting. For example the people who say sleep when the baby sleeps. That sounds good in all but when am I suppose to wash clothes, bottles, my rear end or do anything else productive if I don’t do it when she’s sleeping? Also, people who say it gets easier as they get older. Really? As they get older they start sleeping less during the day and if your baby is like mine and likes to cuddle then you find yourself holding her to try to soothe and comfort her for longer than you planned.

But I’m not complaining because when I look at her as she’s quietly sleeping for longer than two hours, I say to myself, “I’m so in love with this little girl!” So pray for me and Baby J while we are on this journey and thank you to those who’ve encouraged me along the way.

If you would like to view a slide show below of Baby J’s birth announcement created by First day photo, click on the video below.

Until next time!

38 weeks….

Hi there! It’s almost Christmas and I wanted to share a few last thoughts about my pregnancy with you all. But first here is one of my favorite pics from my maternity photo shoot which I was initially hesitant about but I’m glad I went through with it.

5. Christmas shopping and holiday parties were not as much fun as they have been in the past. The people in stores don’t respect my belly and invade my personal space. I know I’m short but don’t try me because I will give you a dirty look, say something real disrespectful in my head and proceed to walk the other way. I know what you’re thinking, not you? Yep, people are crazy out here in these streets and until I get my license to carry, I’m staying away from altercations as much as possible.

And holiday parties just made me angry this year. Wine flowing, shots passing, champagne bubbling  while I’m sipping water wishing it was anything but. Don’t get me wrong I can enjoy myself without alcohol. However, if you know me you know I like to have at least one cocktail which is different from the old me. Because the old me over indulged at holiday parties and had to be picked up on 72nd Street in Manhattan by her best friend who was in Sheepshead bay in Brooklyn because I would have fell asleep on the train and never made it home….but you’ll have to pay me to hear the rest of that story!

And on the flip side since being pregnant and being out with friends at dinner and during the holiday season, I saved so much money not drinking alcohol that my bill at the end of the evenings has been the lowest at the table!!! WINNING because they previously were the highest, lol


4. When a woman says, “I can’t wait to meet my baby!” that’s really mommy code for “I can’t wait for this food and energy draining human to GET OUT of my body”. Need I say more?

3. Swollen hands, feet and legs are uncomfortable AF! I’m not sure what causes these body parts to be swollen at the most random times but I feel like an elephant or Sherman from the Nutty Professor when he is transforming into Buddy Love. I can’t fit into many shoes and clothes and I feel like my feet may have grown a size and ain’t nobody got time for that.


2. Being pregnant has been the most mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had. From feeling a little human moving inside of you to all of these different emotions. Some days I was all over the place. I laughed when I wanted to cry, I cried whenever I wanted to and blamed it on my hormones. I’ve had pregnancy brain and I’ve had times when I thought about all of things I plan to do with Baby J when she gets older like travel, go shopping and stalk her on social media, lol. And my excitement over the last few weeks has been higher since her arrival is near because I can’t believe that I’m actually going to be a mom soon!

1. Last but not least being a mom and a first time homeowner is going to be challenging and I may even have moments of struggle but as Tiffany Haddish says all the time, “She Ready!”

Until next time… Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Showered with Love

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been awhile but I never knew how hard it would be to grow a human and work two jobs all while maintaining your peace of mind. I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving as much as Baby J and I did. We spent time with our family, ate everything within reach, consumed non-alcoholic beverages and slept as much as we could. Now I am counting down the days to Christmas, New Year’s and the day I can serve Baby J her eviction notice, lol. Or maybe it’s more like when she’ll be ready to make her grand entrance into the world.

A few weeks ago I was honored to have an amazing baby shower at my full-time job which was hosted by my co-workers. It was more than I expected and I’m so happy to work with a team of people who thought so highly of me and who puts up with my crazy on a day-to-day basis. A week thereafter, my Mom, best friend Aisha and two of my Sorors Setor and Eboni (aka Can’t Stop and Won’t Stop) hosted a baby shower for my family and friends. I’m so grateful to each and every person who planned, cooked, decorated, helped with setting up, cleaned up, made attended, made me look FAB and even those who were unable to be present but sent a gift. I’m overwhelmed by the caring and loving village of people who have been supportive of me during my pregnancy. It makes me emotional every time I think about how blessed I am!

Here are some pictures from the past events in case you were unable to attend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Shout out to my photographers, my brother Julien and my cuzzo, Erika! Until next time……

Cake, Cake, Cake…
April, Bethenny, KJ and I
Tanisha (my hair stylist and Cuzzo), Tamika and I
The gift table
My Surprise baby shower cake from my Aunt Ingrid and Cousin Lorna
Cake and Shadow Box of Ultrasound pics
My Sorority Sisters and I
Aisha, Mommy and Eboni
The “OG” aka Original Grenandian aka Original Grandpa aka Original Gangster and I
Eboni and Setor
Leon (not Baby J’s Dad) and I
Diaper cake
Baby Shower decor
Who wants to eat cake?
My Sorors singing the sweetheart song to me
The cheaters of the baby Jeopardy game
Opening gifts at the Baby shower at work
Erika (one of the photographers) and I
Mom, Aunt Sandra, Aisha and I
Zachari (my nephew) and I
Baby shower favors

Babymoon Vacay

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Los Angeles, California for the first time with my cousin , soror, friend Erika. We decided not to stay in LA because it was so expensive so she snagged a deal on a rental car plus a free upgrade and we found ourselves in a Mercedes Benz SUV (nothing but the best for us) for under $80. WINNING!!!! So we proceeded to Pasadena, California to the Courtyard Marriott where Erika stays when she visits for work. Did I mention they also gave us a good price for our stay and their hospitality is remarkable!
I would be remised if I didn’t mention that the hotel staff were very pleasant and friendly. They were kind, thoughtful and truly sincere about making sure our stay the best. I also need to give a special shout out to Tiffany and Janeen who were the best front desk staff I’ve ever encountered. Tiffany and Janeen were so warm and welcoming that when we arrived to our hotel room we had this beautiful basket waiting for us which included a bottle of wine, some popcorn, a mini peach and pumpkin pie, two pairs of sock footies, a bouquet of flowers and a $25 cheesecake factory gift card. WINNING AGAIN!!

Gift basket & flowers

They even facilitated us bumping into Derek Luke!

Erika, Derek Luke and I

And I was so excited! Prior to the trip, I told myself I wanted to see a celebrity while I was in LA and who knew I would bump into one in my hotel lobby. WINNING AGAIN! He was humble and FIIINNEEE and he ministered to us about restoration when he heard we were visiting from Houston. I could have gone home after meeting him but we had a two days left so we made the most of them, lol.

While we were there we did some sightseeing. Our first stop was our attempt to get a closer view of the Hollywood sign even though Erika’s friend told us we had to hike up there which would take approximately two hours.  So we both decided we would drive as far as we could up the hills of hollywood where people with loooooong money live until we couldn’t anymore. Let’s just say on the  drive up the hills, I was scared for MY LIFE (which doesn’t happen often)!

Hollywood sign from a distance

And let me tell you why. Reason #1, we were going up a very steep hill around winding curves which made me feel like I was on an unsolicited roller coaster ride. Reason #2, the street we drove up on was way to narrow (like in most Caribbean islands) and all the signs on the way up said, “residents only, no driving to Hollywood sign this way”.  But we kept going unto we couldn’t drive anymore.

And at that point (as seen below) there was no place to park and we were expected to walk up the hill the rest of the way to the Hollywood sign. No thanks! I knew in that moment, I was going no further and whatever my cousin wanted to  do I would wait for her safely in that SUV.  She asked me several times to go with her and I gave here several reasons why I wasn’t. So she persisted without me.

The crossroads where you had to hike the rest of the way to the Hollywood sign

As I sat in the car, patiently waiting, I realized I had no cell phone service because T-Maybe probably can’t afford to have towers up there.  So with nothing else to do I played candy crush and watched other tourists drive by with our same intentions. Within a few minutes, my cousin returned and told me I made the right decision to stay in the car because the hike to the sign was a lot farther and steeper than expected.  Don’t tell her but I I was low key happy she didn’t leave me for a long time because I was ready to get back to the low lying area of Hollywood.

Our next stop was to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. We passed by the iconic Beverly Hills sign from Beverly Hillbillies and the police station from the sequel of Beverly Hills Cop movies. When we made our way to Rodeo drive which is only three streets long we parked and walked around for two hours.

Let’s just say we left empty handed because as Iyanla Vacant says, “let’s call a thang a thang beloved”, I can’t afford that ish. The only I walked away with is this picture below.

My new car outside of the House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive

Next stop was the Santa Monica Pier, where we ate at The Misfit. I had a cheeseburger (my once a week must have pregnant girl meal) and my cousin had a chicken sandwich. We shared some truffle fries which were DELICIOUS and we had some salted chocolate cookies that were scrumptious. My cousin indulged in libations from the happy hour menu as i drooled and sipped on an ice cold coke.

The Misfit

We proceeded to the Third street promenade, picked up a few items and made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. But as we walked closer to the water, the air became brisk and we looked at each other and said this is as far we we’re going to go and retreated back to our vehicle.

Erika and I in front of the Santa Monica Pier

The next day we visited the Hollywood walk of fame and saw stars in honor of our favorite celebrities even Bill Cosby. 

Destiny’s Child star on the Hollywood walk of fame

We enjoyed dessert at the Ghirardelli store which was rich and filling and then headed to Downtown LA (aka DTLA). 

Ghirardelli dessert

There wasn’t much to see DTLA or maybe we didn’t try hard enough but we did enjoy some lite bites at Public school 213.

On our last day we slept in and went to Malibu beach (my happy place). Did I tell you the beach was my happy place? I was able to reflect, prepare for what lies ahead, relax and people watch. And even though we didn’t stay a long time it was the perfect ending to my baby moon vacay.

Baby J and I on Malibu beach

My trip to LA was just what the doctor ordered. I would definitely recommend a trip there if you haven’t already been. They have perfect weather which makes up for the horrible traffic. Please scroll below to check out more photos from my trip. Until next time….

Meat District Co. in Pasadena, CA
The hills on Malibu Canyon Rd on the way to Malibu beach
Beverly Hills sign
A view of the mountains, Pasadena CA

10 things you need to know…

About my pregnancy. If you even care.

10. Belly bands and rubber bands are God sent manna from heaven.

Let’s just say anything with elastic in it is the best thing ever created. I’m five months pregnant and I can no longer fit in most of my work pants. Also, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes because I feel like it’s a waste. So all the clothes I purchase moving forward will be one size bigger than what I normally wear, have elastic or spandex in it.


Belly Band



9. French fries are not my friend.

Who am I kidding, I LOVE FRENCH FRIES!!! If it was up to me I would eat them every day. I would rotate where I ate them from daily. One day, Chic Fil A, the next day McDonald’s, then Wendy’s, next Five Guys, maybe Whataburger, throw in Wing stop and home-made french fries to round it all out. However, if I ate them everyday I would be the size of a whale by Jan 3, 2018. And since all of those fries would be hard to shake post pregnancy, I’m just gonna pass on eating them once a day and maybe just stick to once  a week.


What my home-made french fries look like


8. Don’t touch my belly without my permission.

Why? Because I said so and it’s an invasion of my personal space. I also don’t like to be touched by any and everybody. So please if you want me to spare your feelings just be kind and speak before you leap because you might draw back a nub.

7. Finding pregnant safe activities are difficult to do.

Everyone knows I love a day party and frequent a club or lounge on the weekends. But it would be a little inappropriate for me to be seen in a romper or dress singing, “Wild thoughts” at this stage in my pregnancy. So I’ll just gracefully bow out.

But what now, I don’t really know what to do to fill the avoid. Everything I do now seems to include eating and since I don’t want to be a whale next year I’m open to suggestions about things I can do instead.


Tubing the San Marcos river


6. Indigestion is the devil.

If you know me well, you know I can be a little gaseous. But it’s on a whole new level and sometimes I wake up at night with heartburn. WHY LAWD!!!! I carry Tums every where I go and I’m sure my coworkers are ready to find me a new job. But I can’t help myself. So please bear with me for the next few months and I’ll do my best to keep it to a minimum.

5. I will sniff your glass of wine if you let me.

I know that sounds nasty but since I can’t drink it for a while just waft the scent in my direction. Because sometimes having a mocktail just doesn’t cut it and drinking everything out of a wine glass is NOT THE SAME! I know this doesn’t seem like a lot to most people but for me it is. I completely agree with this saying below and if you don’t, who asked you anyway.

4. I may need a breast reduction and lift after breastfeeding.

Because I was already well endowed pre-pregnancy and at this rate things will only go down hill literally and physically. So after I post this I’ll be starting a gofundme page for my cause and I would appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.

3. I’m grateful I don’t use public transportation while I’m pregnant.

I don’t know if I could take all of the personalities, smells and plain ol’ outlandish activity that take place on public transportation. I applaud pregnant women who have to use mass transit and I wish you all the best to and fro. May God and the force be with you!

2. Being pregnant in the summertime in Houston is my punishment for fornicating with First name: Jack Last name Ass!

1. It’s a GIRL!

So who likes to do hair?

Until next time….

Guess who’s back?

Well hello there! I’m BAAAAAAACK and I know what you’re thinking it’s been awhile. Where were you? But what can I say life is…… COMPLICATED!

I recently celebrated my birthday and I have a lot to be thankful for. It has been such a blessing to live to see another birthday because when I think about what I was doing last year for my birthday and how much my life has changed since then I can truly say that I’m blessed! I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the last few months and I feel like I was at a point where I didn’t want to continue to blog. I’ve recently decided to give it another shot but first let me catch you up on a few happenings which took place since my last blog post.

In May 2017, I celebrated the union of my best friend, Aisha and her homie lover friend, Ramani.

Mr. and Mrs. Issah and I

I visited the 9/11 Memorial museum in New York City which left me feeling somber.

Brief description of first events on 9/11
Memorial in the Museum
Firetruck from 9/11
Column from World Trade Center

I stopped by the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, DC which was overwhelmingly magnificent!

Emmett Till exhibit
Chuck Berry’s Red Cadillac
Halle Berry’s Uniform from Monster Ball
Interactive Lunch Counter
Reflecting pool

I took a road trip to my alma mater, Baylor University which looks completely different from the school I attended 15 years ago!

And last but not least, I found out I was PREGNANT!!!

Are you as surprised as I was? If you know me, I’m sure you are. As you’re trying to digest this information let me take a moment to be transparent with you. I am a Thirty something year old, Single Caribbean American female who was at a point in her life where I thought I would be ok if I didn’t have children because I was enjoying my life to the fullest. And like so many other women I know, I wanted to be married to my soul mate first and then have children. Well, it didn’t happen that way.

To be very candid, let’s just say I made a poor decision while “casually dating” a guy and realized I had unexpectedly become pregnant. And if I want to completely live in my truth, I was not excited about this news when I first found out. I was in denial and questioned if I was ready to have a child because I’m focused on purchasing my first house and thinking about where I wanted to travel to next.

After prayer and contemplation, I decided that this pregnancy was a blessing and I may not get this chance again. Also, a child doesn’t have to deter me from moving forward with my goals. So as of today, I am 17 weeks pregnant and nervous as hell about being a MOM. I’ve shared the news with family and friends and each of them were shocked but still very encouraging except one.

Every day I ask myself, “Am I doing the right thing because this is unchartered territory for me?” But when I think about all of the possibilities in store for this little life growing inside of me all fear and doubt escape me and joy fills my heart. Ultimately, I know that God makes no mistakes and he will never leave me nor forsake me.

So with that said please have a drink (preferably a glass of wine) for me to celebrate this new bundle of joy and I promise not to bombard my social media pages with annoying pregnancy talk about sweet pea aka peanut aka pumpkin aka the little bambino aka butterball. Until next time….