Christmas with Caribbean Families

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season with their families, friends and loved ones as much as I did. I was fortunate enough to spend it in hot and humid Houston with my immediate family and my Dad’s side of the family who happens to be from the Caribbean island of Grenada, WI. I know what you’re thinking, what’s so different about spending Christmas with your Caribbean family? Well, let me tell you.

When I came to Houston for Christmas in past years, I would only see some of my Dad’s relatives and friends once a year. So of course they would ask me the questions all single females DON’T want to hear. Why are you still single? When are you getting married? And when are you going to have kids? What makes matters worse for me is that I am the oldest child and my younger brother has a son and my younger sister is engaged.

That’s ok though, because this year I was going to be ready for those dreaded “Single Female Holiday questions.” I came up with a few responses some more meaner than others. The responses were:

1. stick up both middle fingers at them,
2. stare dead in their face and not respond,
3. immediately walk away, or
4. ask them a question, which would pry into their private life and maybe make them feel a little uncomfortable.

These last few responses were ideas I received from conversation with others:

5. walk around with a male blow up doll and tell them he was my man, or
6. tell them that I’m having sex with all the men in Houston and I’ll have the answers for them when I’m done.

Suffice it to say, I was ready for whatever came my way.

On Christmas morning, my Dad decided to have breakfast at his house for his friends and family. The breakfast was scheduled to commence at 9 am. I kept asking myself, why so early? Doesn’t anyone believe in sleeping in anymore? Well, it’s a good thing I’m getting old. Because now I go to sleep early and wake up even earlier than I would like. If that wasn’t the case then I would have been mad when some guests arrived promptly at 9 am.

As the oldest sibling, I have a responsibility to be more responsible than my other siblings which included assisting with decorating my parent’s home, helping to set up for the breakfast and just being plain ol’ nice and sociable when I would have rather been watching TV with my feet up on the couch. But I digress. So, instead I put my game face on said a little prayer for patience and a positive attitude and when into host mode. I made peach Bellini’s, mimosas, cleaned up and had the Christmas music on shuffle.

On the Breakfast menu, we had salt fish, fishcakes, bakes, coco tea, porridge an assortment of bread and desserts which included fruit cake, puddin and some other bread I couldn’t really identify. My mom of course threw in some American food which included eggs, bacon and sausage. I was going to make a boozy hot chocolate drink but my Dad didn’t get the Marshmallow vodka I requested.

Overall, the breakfast was a SUCCESS. It was so successful we thought our guests would leave by 12 pm however, most of them had not. So my dad proceeded to bring out the hard liquor which included  Hennessey, Grey Goose and Rivers Rum (only Grenadians know about that). Finally, all of our guests were gone by 2:15 pm and we were able to clean up and kick our legs up by 4 pm. But that didn’t conclude Christmas.

Later that evening we had dinner at my Dad’s friend’s house which commenced at 5 pm. I know what you’re thinking, you just finished with breakfast? You’re right, that’s why I got there late but in just enough time to have some of the best Curried Goat around town. And I’m not just saying that because my Dad made it. It was so good that by the end of the night, it was all gone.

“Chef Boyardad” making Curried Goat

All in all Christmas was FANTASTIC!

What made it FANTASTIC you ask? I was able to get through the day only being asked the “Single Female Holiday questions” once. And you would be happy to know that I answered them in a respectful manner and politely walked away afterwards. Thank God!

Check out the pictures below from Christmas and feel free to comment and share your Christmas experience, I’d love to hear from you.

Mommy and I
Lil Sis and I

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