Oh how I miss the DMV!

Two weeks ago, I took a weekend getaway to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area for Memorial weekend! I was able to catch up with some friends and saw some family as well. It’s always good to reconnect and see familiar faces you haven’t seen in months. Also, I must say there was great spring/summer weather which made the trip even better.

On Thursday, I caught up with some friends for lunch at one of my favorite spots, Bonchon. The fries are not the best so skip them but the cole slaw is pretty good and they have a bar. They have Korean fried chicken that is finger licking’ good. It reminds of a place I call “the spot” in Brooklyn on the corner of Nostrand Ave. and Erasmus Pl.  The “spot” is a Chinese food take out (carry out as DC natives call it) that has the best Chinese fried chicken anywhere! 
Lunch with my CFSA woes

Later that evening, I met up with one of my good girlfriends and we went to happy hour at a place called Provision NO. 14. It was cool but we noticed that it was #beigefest2016. Everyone in there was light skin and my cocoa brown skin friend and I felt out of place. Eventually, some other caramel and cocoa complexion folk stopped by so we didn’t look so out of place. After a few libations, we stopped by &pizza. They have some items they call hits but it’s always best to craft your own pizza. The night was nostalgic until I arrived at my car and saw a parking ticket on my windshield. Damn those DC parking meter maids!

Bola and I at #beigefest2016

The next day I hung out with my favorite high school friend and her daughter. So of course we did what we do best, go shopping! We didn’t break the bank or anything but we did make ourselves tired. However, not to tired to go to happy hour at Bar Deco. Anytime my friends and I have a chance to check out a new place (well new to me) I feel like I’m unlocking a new treasure. Ok, maybe that sounds a bit extreme but I’m entitled to my opinion. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this place for happy hour because the drinks were hit and miss depending on the bartender. And the wait staff was non-existent. But I hear their brunch is better so maybe you can check that out.

Happy hour at Bar Deco

All in all, we had a good time but it was very humid outside so my plan to enjoy the rooftop was null and void. We opted to congregate inside on the 3rd floor where it was packed to capacity and also very humid. I literally sat on top of an air conditioner to cool myself down after having one drink. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we never made it to the next stop because we were all exhausted.

On Sunday, my high school friend and I went to the Linganore Winecellars Caribbean Festival and had a ball. The wine festival reminds me of a smaller scale Woodstock or maybe even Coachella but with a Caribbean band and DJ. It was a sea of people hanging out, sweating, eating, drinking, smoking cannabis and dancing the day away until it began to drizzle. Then it was time to go!

Linganore Winecellars Caribbean Festival

I know what you’re thinking when did you make time to see your family? Well don’t worry about that, just know that I did and they were the icing on the cake. I spent some time with my favorite aunt on my mother’s side, my cousin, her children and the newest addition, Da’kari!

Da’Kari Johnson

It’s something about newborns that make my ovaries tingle until they regurgitate on you and when you have to change one of their poop diapers, lol. Da’kari is the son of my goddaughter, Sabrina. For those of you who don’t know Sabrina is my oldest godchild who is 16 years old.

Sabrina Johnson Craigg

When I first found out Sabrina (who lived with me briefly when she was a toddler, who I cared for like she was my own, who I believed was too young to be having a baby) was indeed having a baby, I was utterly disappointed and heartbroken. But I trust and believe that God never places more on us than we can bear. I also know that her life will be a little rougher than it was before but she knows that she has the support of her family and a God who will never leave her nor forsake her. And when I saw that precious little bundle of joy who looked like his mommy did when she was a baby all I could do was thank God that he was healthy and appeared to be well taken care of.

We also got a chance to catch up and hang out with Sabrina’s other godmother, Ashira and her family at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. We indulged ourselves with food, lots of candy, laughs and a paddle boat. All in all,  I had a fantastic trip to the DMV and every time I go, I get to make new memories with my loved ones and friends that I will cherish forever.  Until next time….

From left to right, Me, Ashira, Melanie and Sabrina
Aunt Sandra, Makayla, Bevelyn and Me

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