The first of many!

Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoyed your summer and you’re ready to FALL into the final quarter of 2018. I’ve been taking a break from blogging because being a single mom and having a new home is HARD WORK! As I’m trying to get back into blogging I’m asking for you to hold me accountable but also be patient because I have some new ideas and things to share with you all.

This past weekend Jordy B had her first airplane experience to New Jersey. She handled it like a BOSS! Ok, not really but she did get compliments from people on the plane who sat near us. They said, “She’s a good baby”, “She’s so cute” and my favorite was “She didn’t make a lot of noise”. I was thinking to myself, what baby were they talking about? Is this the same baby who had a meltdown when we were making her bottle or the baby who cut up when we changed her diaper?

Overall, she was well behaved because we had all of her essentials which included noise cancelling headphones, her very own neck pillow, a blanket, a toy, bottles, baby food and my favorite, her pacifier. What more did she need? She needed her own seat because air plane seats are to darn small for the both of us. But I digress…

Jordy B, Mama B and I stayed with family and friends during our visit but of course we rented a small SUV to hit up the mall, two BBQ’s, Allan’s bakery to get some Currant rolls and Salem Missionary Baptist Church (my home church) in Brooklyn. Although, we didn’t do as much as I would’ve like to, the quality time spent with family and friends could not be replaced. And everywhere we went Jordy B was a celebrity. People wanted to hold her, touch her, play with her and take pictures with her. Below are some of pictures of our adventures in NJ. Until next time….

Jordy B and her cousins
Neets and Jordy B with Willie P with the photo bomb
Jordy B and I at my home church, Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Mama B, Jordy B, Mrs. P after church
1900 Albemarle Rd (where I came from)
Mi familia
Jordy B at the Piano (maybe the next A. Keys?)
Jordy B was ready to hit the mall

Willie P, Neets and Jordy B having fun at #Issahhousewarming

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