Adventures in the Spice Isle

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic start to the week. I am trying to get back in the swing of reality after being on vacation for 7 wonderful days in the Spice Isle aka Grenada. For those of you that don’t know my dad was born in Trinidad but was raised in Grenada. Some of you may be wondering where exactly is Grenada?

Jordy B and I at Belmont Estate

Grenada is located in the West Indies and is northwest of Trinidad and northeast of Venezuela. It’s not one of the more well known Caribbean islands which makes it exclusive and expensive to travel to. Grenada is known for exporting nutmeg, bananas and cocoa. It has become increasingly more popular since the last time I visited over twenty years ago.

Maurice Bishop Airport, St. George, Grenada

Last year, I attempted to organize a family reunion for my dad’s family which was to be held this summer in Grenada. When I didn’t receive much buy in or participation from other family members, my mom and I decided to plan a trip there anyway. Of course I planned to take Jordy B with us for her first international trip so I had to get my mind right to take her out of her normal habitat into a place that was totally different from what she was used to.

I began planning month’s in advance to make sure she would be as comfortable as possible. I also wanted to make sure she wouldn’t tap dance on my last nerve while I was on vacation. But that’s for another blog post.

Jordy B and I headed to Grenada from Miami

When we arrived we were picked up by my Aunt and Uncle and the weather was hot and humid similar to the weather in Texas. The difference there was even when you got in an air conditioned area it still didn’t feel like you were cooling off. But I knew that before going so I was prepared to sweat and take two showers a day. The first day we briefly toured St. George’s University, settled into our apartment and went to dinner with my cousin at a restaurant on Grand Anse beach called Umbrellas.

The food was delicious and they even had a band that played cover songs. On our first full day we went into town in St. George’s and visited the Spice Market which is where people go to buy fresh ingredients, vegetables and other items they use daily. We also visited the Esplanade mall and went to Diamond Chocolate Factory where they make Jouvay Chocolate to take a tour and taste some chocolate. Mmhmmm!

St. George’s Spice Market
The Esplanade Mall
Diamond Chocolate Factory

On our second full day, we spent time with family who took us to sightseeing at Annandale Waterfalls and Grand Etang Lake. While we were traveling on the roads of Grenada which were narrow and winding, I was overcome with motion sickness. So I opened the window and put my head back to take a nap. Here’s a tip, stick matches in your ears if you experience motion sickness. When I woke up we were at my aunt and uncle’s house to have Sunday dinner and I felt better.

Me at Annandale Falls
The view from the overlook at Grand Etang
Grand Etang Lake
House at Grand Etang where one of my aunt’s married her husband over 40 years ago

On our third day, we went to Grand Anse beach which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and I must agree it was picturesque!

The view from Grand Anse beach
Mama B, Jordy B and Me on the way to Grand Anse beach
Jordy B’s first time at the beach

We also had lunch with my aunt which consisted of Grenada’s national dish, Oil down. Oil down, is a pot of full of dumplings, carrots, pumpkin, breadfruit, callaloo, curry, other spices and any meat you would like to cook with it. I had oil down with chicken. My mom had some with crab. We both thought it was delicious and even Jordy B ate breadfruit which was something other than french fries which she had everyday while we were away.

That evening we met up with my cousin Rachael and her family. We tried to walk to the grocery store but found out it closed early. So we proceeded to walk on the beach and went to Umbrellas for dinner, again. Yes that place is that good!

On our fourth day, we planned to go to the beach but it rained most of the day so we relaxed, went to the grocery store and that evening, I went to Club Bananas with my cousins. Tuesday night at Club Bananas is called twofers because you can purchase two drinks for the price of one from 10 pm to 2 am. So you know we had a good time. The libations were flowing, the music was playing and the people were dancing. We walked back to my apartment at 3:30 AM and was up by 7 AM to enjoy our last few days.

When Cousins unite!
When Cousins unite!

On Day 5, we went to BBC beach. BBC beach is just as beautiful as Grand Anse but it’s secluded and the water was calmer which was better for Jordy B. After some coercion we even got her to get in the water. We spent a few hours there and had to pry Jordy B out of the water in order to leave. She was so tired after a beach day she slept for about three hours.

Day 6 was filled with an excursion to Belmont Estate. Belmont Estate is a plantation which offers tours to their organic farm, gardens, museum and cocoa processing facility. They also offer a 3 course lunch featuring Grenadian cuisine. One can also have their wedding and other events on the property. When you go to Grenada, this place is a must see. You’ll thank me later.

After lunch we went to Grenville in St. Andrew’s parish to visit with family and that evening we had dinner and drinks at the West Indies Beer Co. O yea, I also went to Lavo lanes and got my butt beat in bowling by my younger cousin who only bowled twice in her life.

All in all, our visit to Grenada was one of the most memorable vacations I’ve had ever. I hope this motivates you to want to visit this Caribbean Gem and when you do, please feel free to share your experience with me. Until next time…

Belmont Estate
The beer flights we demolished
Jordy B and I at the West Indies Beer Co.
West Indies Beer Co.
My favorite drink in Grenada, Lavo Lanes
Sunset from my Aunt and Uncle’s veranda (disregard my hair)

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