Why Now?

Hey Tishatographers! Not sure if I like that so I’m gonna hash that out better next time, lol.

I know it’s been awhile but I didn’t really feel like blogging because I felt like what I had to say was trivial in comparison to the pandemic, unemployment rate, election and especially the racial injustice happening all over the world. But then I decided every now and then we need to take a break from the seriousness of life so here are five updates about life through my literary lens.

5. I am working from home permanently and I am LOVING it! If I never have to go back to an overcrowded office building with dirty common areas, three week old food in refrigerators and floors filled with people who have meaningless small talk about their first world problems, I would be forever grateful. The biggest blessing of it all is not having to sit in Houston traffic which takes time away from my life (that I never get back) and it saves me from pulling out my hair everytime there is an accident on 610. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!

4. I have had to do Jordy B’s hair since the pandemic and I’m over it. Let’s just say I secretly prayed for a little boy when I was preggers just so I didn’t have to comb hair. I know that sounds selfish but so what. She has so much hair (thankfully) and as soon as I look at her head she says, “No Mommy, don’t touch my hair.” Excuse me little girl is always my response, don’t you want your hair to look pretty? That usually does the trick but when it doesn’t I bribe her with lollipops, stickers and one time with pizza and ice cream.

One time, I was doing her hair around her nap time and she was tired and crying so I asked her, do you want Mommy to cut off your hair so she won’t have to do it? (I know that was mean) She thought about it and said, No Mommy. A few minutes later in between dramatic tears she said, Cut my hair off Mommy! Instead of laughing out loud (which is what I wanted to do) I picked her up, dried her tears, reassured her that I wasn’t cutting her hair, explained to her the importance of getting her hair combed, gave her some fruit snacks and rocked her to sleep. I finished her hair when she woke up. Let’s just say, a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do! See Jordy B’s hair do’s and dont’s below.

Multiple pony tails
Butter fly Puff
PJ day pony tails
Corn rows and pony tails
Wash day hair
Individual braids
Poppy pony tails
One pony tail up top and Individual twists in the back
Struggle french braids
Individual twists
Jordy B finally got her hair braided 8 months later by Ms. Z!

3. So I still don’t like to cook. I only cook once a week. And I didn’t say I can’t cook either because I can. Jordy B and I go to my parents house to eat at times and I meal prep. My definition of meal prep consists of me going to my parents house twice a week and taking home left overs to last during the week because on the weekends we eat out. Please don’t judge me, try me or @ me any recipes on social media either because I’m capable of cooking if I want. Which leads me to next point, the man friend who wishes that I cooked more.

Baked Ziti

2. So I’m in a relationship and I know I haven’t had one in a while but my man friend makes comments about my cooking frequency. He knew I only cook on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I know that sounds crazy but the rationale is we have Sunday dinner at my parents house and by Tuesday we finish the left overs. Cooking happens on Thursdays if Tuesdays are busy. When Tuesdays are busy we we have quick meals until Thursdays. Hey now, different strokes for different folks and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone but in case you wanted to try it out, I wanted to give you all of Tisha’s guide to meal prep deets, lol.

Now man friend knew the deal prior to the relationship so I’m not sure why the commentary, but it is what it is. Other than “Cookinggate” if you must know, things are going well for us! We are getting to know one another in our own time on our own terms. But ya’ll, relationships are hard work. When two seasoned, stubborn, stuck in their single ways people come together there are a lot more DIScussions that take place. I see why women have situationships over relationships, lol!

1. So why did I decide to create a blog post now? During the pandemic, I had time for self reflection. It made me think about the future and my legacy. I’ve always been driven, motivated and career focused. One of my friends makes jokes about how fast I find a new job when I start complaining about my current job. To me it doesn’t seem like I’ve had a lot of places of employment but then I took inventory of my resume and realized the longest time I’ve worked for a company was five years and one month because I wanted to become vested in their pension, ha.

I’ve had supervisors that I call Stup- ervisors because I think they’re stupid. I’ve also had Supervisors that mentored me and we’ve become friends post employment. But I know ultimately I don’t like people telling me what to do and I want to beat to my own drum.

I also know that everyone’s reasons for leaving their places of employment are different but the next time I leave mine I want it to be because I started my own business. With taking all of that into consideration, I started my own counseling practice called LMB Wellness Services.

I’m providing individual and couples counseling to those who decide they need an unbiased listening ear to assist with whatever they may be going through at this stage in their life. I’m accepting new clients and will provide this service on a part time basis to eventually transition to full time. I’m already paneled to accept a few insurance providers also. I don’t take this calling lightly and I would appreciate all of your prayers. So if you would continue with me on this blogging journey I’ll promise to post more frequently. One last thing…

My honorable mention is I’m having travel/plane withdrawals so I may have to jump on a flight and take a vacay somewhere soon. But if this ‘rona don’t sit down and stop acting like the unwanted STI that won’t stop giving, I may have to quarantine again. Until next time….

Bad duck lip impression from Me and Jordy B

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